Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wow...Can't Believe It's Been So Long!

Hopefully you all had a great Fourth of July. We did.

Now...does anyone else have a dog who barks at airplanes to make sure they don't
land on the house? Well...Scully is an EXPERT at it! LOL

He runs to the edge of the property every time he hears a plane and barks at it- even if he can't see it. His hair stands up along the middle of his back like a little stripe and he barks and barks. Naturally, the plane flies away and he watches and listens to make sure it's gone...and gets in one last bark- as if to say.. " and don't come back!!" He scratches the ground all proud of himself and trots about his business...checking out new smells, etc.

I have to say, proudly, we've never had a plane land on the roof, thanks to Ever-Vigilant Scully Boy!

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