Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spotted A Stray Dog- Was It Serendipity?

You know, sometimes things are not a coincidence. 

Sometimes, we are blessed enough to see how our presence fits into the grand scheme of things...how a series of events occurs and we are part of it...and we see how we may have actually saved a life. 

To set the stage for this afternoon's event, I injured my ribs last week giving Scully a bath. Long story...Suffice to say, it's been an extremely painful week. My mother needed to run a few local errands today. I didn't take anything for the pain so I would be alert to drive. It was painful but I managed. I arrived home about 45 minutes ago, made my Shakeology with some frozen blueberries added for some yummy anti-oxidants and flavor...and took the dogs out for their afternoon bathroom trip. 

Both Scully and Dovi ran to the car because it's such a gorgeous day, it was more than obvious that they were expecting a trip to the park. Feeling awful, I apologized to them and brought them back upstairs, explaining why we couldn't go today...

Mama needed something for the pain and a nap.

When we got upstairs, Scully just kept running to the kitchen with a pleading in those big, brown eyes that would have melted the iceberg that sank the Titanic.  He tugged at my heart but there really wasn't anything I could do.  He finally gave in and went to his pillow in the living room.  

Head bowed in the afternoon sun, he broke my heart. 


As usual.

As only HE knows how... doggoneit! ;)

I scooped him up onto my good side and buried my face in his warm neck. As I promised him a trip to the park tomorrow, I looked out the front window and saw a new dog across the street...a beautiful tan and white dog, maybe a boxer-mix. You could see a very sweet temperament in this beautiful dog, who was obviously lost. It was smart enough to walk on the sidewalk but walked right across the very busy state road...into the afternoon traffic. My heart stopped as I held Scully, who had no idea what might have just happened. 

The dog kept walking on the sidewalk as I hurriedly grabbed my phone and called the police. The dispatcher said someone would be right out. Luckily, this is a very small town and there's ALWAYS a patrol car up and down this street...and they like dogs! 

I watched and strained my eyes as the dog got smaller and smaller, trotting along into the distance...trying to pick up a familiar scent.  Just at the edge of my view, the dog crossed the street, once again oblivious to the oncoming cars and was out of sight. I hit re-dial as fast as I could and called the police again to let them know to look on the other side of the road. The dispatcher assured me that an officer was almost there. I thanked him and told him I just wanted to make sure the officer didn't miss it by looking on the wrong side of the road. He was very courteous. 

I hope that beautiful dog made it home before the police arrived...or that the police arrived in time to save it's life and, best- case scenario, it's been micro-chipped so perhaps it will be home sometime tonight. I don't know what would've happened to that sweet dog if I hadn't scooped up Scully and seen it from my window and I'm not pretending to be a hero. I'm just glad I got to be part of something extra-ordinary today... and hopefully something that saved a precious life. 

As for our boys, Dovi is by my feet, patiently waiting for me to finish so we can snuggle for a bit. Scully has moved from his pillow and is now digging into Whiskers' bed...the one he took over when Whiskers passed...and he's looking straight at me, barking/calling me to cover him up so he can have another nap...and Mama hasn't had her nap yet but the meds are kicking in so it will all be good.

and how was your day?^..^    ,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Saved A Dog From Below Freezing Temperatures

Hello Everyone.

I've stayed away from writing since last summer because I devoted my time to my beloved feline companion, Whiskers, who was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in July. I've been unable to bring myself back here to write anything until I write about him and his last four months with us in this earthly life...

But the Animal Angels, God, Source, The Great Spirit, Heavenly Father and St. Francis had other plans...I avoided coming back to this blog for so long, They knew I wouldn't be able to not write about this!

Last Winter, I wrote a post about getting up in the wee hours of the morning ( or middle of the night if you see the glass half empty ) and being grateful for being dragged out of my warm, cozy bed to take Scully out to the bathroom. Click Here to go there now. Well, I'm grateful for another one of those middle-of-the-night bathroom runs because we saved a dog from below freezing temperatures.

As in the other post, some things never change because the "click click clicking" of Scully's doggie toenails on the hardwood floor woke me up. He walked around to "my" side of the bed and then walked back to the door and waited patiently for me to untangle myself from the sheets and stagger to get my jacket. I gently rubbed Dovi's tummy and asked him if he needed to go, too...might as well, right? He jumped off the bed and came out to the kitchen as I bundled Scully up in his two sweaters, grabbed him like a football under my arm the flashlight and off the three of us went..down the stairs and outside.

We were greeted by the loud barking of a dog clearly in distress. It was cold- 28 degrees F and there was frost on the windshields of the cars in the driveway. The dog did not stop. He slowed down a little....got a little softer and I prayed he didn't give up. 

After getting the Boys settled back in bed and under blankies, I grabbed actual pants, a scarf and my phone and went back down as quickly as I could. I prayed if he was still out there that I could help somehow.

There was complete silence when I went back outside. I listened intently and pulled my jacket tighter to my chest and neck. I waited...and waited and waited. 


I clapped my hands a few times, hoping the noise would startle him. I prayed his "guardian" had brought him in but I couldn't go back inside unless I was certain.

I couldn't stand not knowing so I yelled out in the quiet night, " Dog...Are you still there?"

He started barking immediately..this time with hope in his voice. I yelled back to keep barking and that I was on my way to help him but I had to find him. I went down my driveway on foot and went to the corner. Crossing the main road, I followed his barking to the back of a parking lot at the corner convenience store. I went as far as I could and never saw him. I knew for sure he was across a field and in a backyard.  There were some lights on in the huge house. It looked like it had several apartments in it but I couldn't be sure. It could have been an older farmhouse, too. He barked for me and stopped after a few minutes. I called the police and explained to the dispatcher where I was and that the dog had been outside in below freezing conditions for at least over a half hour. He said he'd send someone to check it out.

I called out to the dog and told him that help was on the way. I just wanted him to hear my voice and be reassured that he wasn't alone. I hoped somehow my voice calmed him. 

I walked to the main street and the police cruiser came to the stop light. I motioned for him to pull in and that I was the one who called. Naturally, as the officer pulled in, the exhausted and freezing dog stopped barking. I explained the story again and pointed out the location to the officer, who said he'd go over there...and he did. I called out to the dog and told him to bark so the officer could find him. It didn't take long for me to see the headlights of the police car pull in the driveway. The dog stopped barking. I don't know if he was afraid of a beating and that's why he stopped...so I yelled at him to bark again...and he did. I saw the flashlight making it's way to the back and knew the officer heard his bark. A light came on outside the house so I knew someone had answered the door. 

As I walked aback through the parking lot, I had mixed emotions. Had the people forgotten about him outside and fallen asleep- were they glad that someone called and saved their dog from freezing temperatures? Were they deliberately ignoring his barking and leaving him out there on purpose? Did I save him from the freezing cold only to be brought inside to get a beating for barking? My mind was sick over it. I said a silent prayer for his protection and safety and can only hope that since I'd never heard him before- and we've had plenty of midnight bathroom trips- that perhaps the guardian was overtired and fell asleep. It's hard to believe that no one in that house heard him but I heard him three or four blocks away but I did what I could and have to believe he's safe.

When I came back in the house, I gave each dog a snuggle and hug and told them we saved a life and that they were good boys. I told them I love them. They slept like babies, safe and warm and comfortable, knowing they are loved.

It took me some time to fall asleep and, as I write this, I wonder how that dog is and what he's doing. I am thankful for the connection we made during the wee hours of this frozen morning- as in thousands of years of History- we made the human- canine connection, a bond between the two species working together for the same purpose- to save a life. I hope to meet him soon somehow and know he'll recognize my voice as the human who cared enough about him to not let him die alone in the cold...outside his own home.

And of course, I'm so grateful to Scully, who had to go to the bathroom at that precise moment. Things aren't always random and there's something to the old saying.."Everything Happens For A Reason." 

Waggy Tails and Puppy Kisses from Scully and Dovi for you...! ^..^    .