Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Play this game to save dogs

Scully and Dovi are in bed...enjoying warm blankets and dreams of doggie biscuits. They're very much loved...

Unfortunately, there are millions of dogs and cats, roly-poly puppies and fluffy kittens who don't have a home...who may be euthanized tomorrow...because they are unwanted. It's a travesty...

Please help save homeless shelter cats and dogs by playing a simple trivia game. Each correct answer sends food to shelters to help save innocent pet lives. Play to Save Dogs

Scully, Dovi and Whiskers thank you...so do the beautiful, loving animals you'll save...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Guardians Magazine - Quarterly Magazine of In Defense of Animals

Guardians Magazine - Quarterly Magazine of In Defense of Animals

Enjoying the Autumn and Our 10 Year Anniversary.

Well, after a great summer, Scully is having a BLAST this Fall! He's enjoying walks in his favorite park- sniffing through leaves, barking at geese and birds...being otherwise his charming self.

As a wonderful note, we celebrated 10 years together, yesterday, November 15th, 2009. Of course, I was teary-eyed, remembering the first time I saw him at the Animal Shelter in Warren. He was so tiny and shy....so emaciated but sweet. When I gently placed him in the front seat next me, he sat there as if he'd always been there. It was beautiful, the ride home...he fell asleep in the sun- Goodness knows I have DOZENS of photos of him just sleeping in the sun...He never wanted to leave my side...We'll discuss separation anxiety in another post! ;)

He's barking at me as I write this, so I'll close and go play with him...isn't that what it's all about- enjoying the moments as they happen?

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