Friday, June 12, 2009

This Must Be Addressed...from the ASPCA

I subscribe to the ASPCA newsletter and was so sickened, appalled, disgusted, infuriated that I had to post this...not to bitch about my feelings about this but to spread the'll see why...

A 17 yr old girl from the Bronx was mad at her ex-roommate so she broke into her apartment, trashed the apartment and put her ex-roommate's KITTEN IN A HOT OVEN AND BURNED HER TO DEATH!! Neighbors COMPLAINED OF SMOKE COMING FROM THE APARTMENT...Firefighters found the remains of the dead kitten still cooking in the oven...The girl, Cheyenne Cherry admits to doing it because she hates cats!
There is another organization called American Humane ...go there and read about the link between child abuse and animal's sickening but important to learn about.

I'm sorry this isn't a cute, fun post this evening about our hero, Scully...however, I've always suspected that in his early months, he was abused in horrific ways...I suspect this through his reactions to everyday things...

Please report any signs of animal or child abuse...They are counting on us to help...
I just can't write anymore. My heart and prayers go out to the poor girl who lost her beloved in such a cruel, heinous way.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Ice Cream of the Summer!

When I was a little girl, the much-awaited bell of the ice-cream truck used to ring through the sultry air on those hot summer evenings...It was always after supper, so an ice cream or frozen lemonade or a popsicle would be the ULTIMATE ending to a fun day.

There were little ice cream cups called Hoodsies, too...Vanilla ice cream and a wooden sppon that was really a spoon at all, but a flat spoon-shaped piece of wood...It was AWESOME! I found them at the grocery store the other day and had to buy a bag of eight.

Apparently, dogs love ice cream, too. Short, little Corgi-Chihuahuas especially. It would've been an adorable photo but my batteries were dead....Yes, there was Our Boy, Scully, licking the inside of the empty cup. Ever-so-gently, he carefully got every drop of vanilla ice cream that was left...He made that last almost 10 minutes! There was NOTHING in the cup when he started- or so I thought.

It looks like we're off to a fantastic summer...:::watching Scully lick the rest of the ice cream taste from his mouth.::: By the way, he's also waiting for pizza now....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Millionaire Seeks On-line Apprentice

Okay, here's what's up...

I come across money-making opportunities on the web all the time..I want to make money to save animals, change laws, help the environment, and lots of good things. And keep Scully, Dovi and Whiskers in biscuits, treats and comfy beds...LOL

I just came across this website where an on-line multi-millionaire is teaching EXACTLY what he does to make his money through on-line video tutorials. Can you believe this? I'm thinking about signing up...Wanna join with me?

Mack Michaels, Self-Made Internet Millionaire

For now...Scully says "Sweet Dreams an Doggie Kisses" Good Night

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stopping in to say Hi.

So, Scully and I have been having a blast since Memorial Day. We've been to the park with his brother, Dovi....walked in the rain...basked in the sun by the shore. Chased a few birds and a squirrel. We've shared egg and cheese sandwiches from our favorite coffee shop- Sip n Dip. We've had a few games of "Catch The Food." Lots of tummy rubs, puppy kisses, a few doggie baths...lots of afternoon naps and dog biscuits.

I will catch up with all the topics I'd like to write about...but for now, let's be happy and listen to our dogs. They'll teach us so much if we just stop, listen and watch. 'Til next time, Jenny, Scully and Dovi

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