Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello Dear Readers,

This was on my Facebook wall this morning and I felt the need to share it.

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Please read this carefully and send it along...Let us bring awareness to those people who don't know or understand. Thanks. ^..^ '

"I am a dog. I am a living, breathing animal. I feel pain, joy, love, fear and pleasure. I am not a thing. If I am hit - I will bruise, I will bleed, I will break. I will feel pain. I am not a thing.

I am a dog. I enjoy playtime, walk time, but more than anything, I enjoy time with my pack - my family - my people. I want nothing more than to be by the side of my human. I want to sleep where you sleep and walk where you walk.

I am a dog and I feel love...I crave companionship. I enjoy the touch of a kind hand and the softness of a good bed. I want to be inside of the home with my family, not stuck on the end of a chain or alone in a kennel or fenced yard for hours on end. I was born to be a companion, not to live a life of solitude. I get too cold and I get too hot. I experience hunger and thirst.

I am a living creature, not a thing.
When you leave, I want to go with you. If I stay behind, I will eagerly await your return. I long for the sound of your voice. I will do most anything to please you. I live to be your treasured companion.

I am a dog. My actions are not dictated by money, greed, or hatred. I do not know prejudice. I live in the moment and am ruled by love and loyalty. Do not mistake me for a mindless object. I can feel and I can think. I can experience more than physical pain, I can feel fear and joy. I can feel love and confusion. I have emotions. I understand perhaps more than you do. I am able to comprehend the words you speak to me, but you are not always able to understand me.

I am a dog. I am not able to care for myself without your help. If you choose to tie me up and refuse to feed me, I will starve. If you abandon me on a rural road, I will experience fear and loneliness. I will search for you and wonder why I have been left behind. I am not a piece of property to be dumped and forgotten. If you choose to leave me at a shelter, I will be frightened and bewildered. I will watch for your return with every footfall that approaches my kennel run.

I am a dog - a living, breathing creature. If you choose to take me home, please provide me with the things that I need to keep me healthy and happy. Provide me with good food, clean water, warm shelter and your love. Do not abandon me. Do not kick me. Do not dump me when your life gets too busy. Make a commitment to me for the entirety of my life, or do not take me home in the first place. If you desert me, I do not have the means to care for myself. I am at the mercy of the kindness of people - if I fall into the wrong hands, my life will be ruined. I will experience pain, fear and loneliness. If I wind up in an animal shelter, I have only my eyes to implore someone to save me, and my tail to show you that I am a friend. If that is not good enough, I will die.

I am a dog. I want to give and receive love. I want to live. I am not a thing. I am not a piece of property. Please do not discard me. Please treat me with kindness, love and respect. I promise to repay you with unconditional love for as long as I live."

That says it all...Many thanks to Penny Eims, for writing this.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Safe Pet Toys and Christmas Joys

One of my favorite times during the whole year is playing with the pups and kitty on Christmas morning.

We wake up and, after taking care of the usual bathroom trip outside in the frosty wonderland, go to the tree, wondering what Santa Paws has brought for them. Since dogs are naturally curious, I put their favorite chew inside their stockings and let them dig and bury their noses inside- enjoying the "chase," until they "catch" their treasure and settle down to chew in front of the Christmas tree. This way, they're included in the tradition and are quietly engaged in holiday merriment.

Of course, their favorite dog biscuits are included. I buy them anyway but somehow, being in their stockings makes it more fun for them. It's so easy to do simple things that will ease their stress and help them feel part of it all. Remembering dogs are very social and are pack animals, they need to feel part of the group- in this case, your family equals their pack.

Many pet guardians will buy new toys for Fido and Fluffy this holiday season. A word of advice goes a long way, so here goes... if you wouldn't put something in your mouth or your child's mouth, don't give it to your pet to put in theirs. Be careful with dyes and fake furs and toys that have small parts on them. Animals are just as sensitive to toxins as we are. I'm even careful with the laundry detergent and fabric sheets I use because chemicals never fully rinse out! Animals can have allergic reactions that can be very painful or even life-threatening- not fun and too expensive!

If you do get some new toys for them, try to get them something that will keep their curiosity, get them one to carry like trophies (Dovi gets ALL the toys and takes them to his den under the bed...cute). Both cats and dogs like to carry and dogs specifically like to shake things. Cats like to wrestle, though they're pretty creative so toilet paper rolls are always great.

If you can go organic, that's always best.

Whatever you do, always remember it's up to you to keep your pets safe. They're counting on you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting Ready For The Winter and Christmas!

I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since my last post. Many Life Changes have happened since but the good news is that Scully, Dovi and Whiskers are all happy, healthy and safe.

We hope your animal companions are, too.

As a member of ROAR (Rescue Operations for Animals of the Reservation), I'd like to bring you some tips on being a responsible pet guardian/owner, with my own additional comments...and please remember ROAR in your annual charities. The homeless animals on the Reservation count on us for food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

1. Spay and neuter your pets. Help prevent needless euthanasia of healthy animals.

2. Take them to the vet for annual wellness check-ups.

3. Protect them from the elements, pests and other animals- especially human predators.

4. Give them plenty of drinking water and feed them daily on a regular schedule...and feed them enough. They will eat more now that the weather is colder.

5. Give them plenty of exercise and playtime with other dogs or cats (they need friends just like people do). It's good for them and it's good for you. Make sure they have adequate clothing for colder weather. Dogs get pneumonia easily and if it's cold enough for your nose to run, Fido or Fluffy need a jacket or coat!

Remember that the holidays bring added stress for them, too. Unexpected guests and any changes to their routine will bring them stress and may cause unseemly behavior. Be patient with them and remember they don't understand what all the commotion is about.

Enjoy this time of year with them- it's over so soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hartz Recall On Beef Dog Chews- Salmonella Found

Thanks to a fellow doglover on Twitter, I'm passing this info along...

Hartz Mountain Corp is recalling 75,000 bags of Hartz Real Natural Beef dog treats. Click Here to read the full article.

FDA sampling found the presence of Salmonella organisms in one or more bags.

The company has stated it has received no complaints of sick animals or humans.

The FDA advises dog owners whose animals have symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain and nausea to seek veterinary assistance immediately.

Please this info on to others. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Miss "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" Sept. 26th

Do you love animal stories as much as I do? Heroic ones, heart-warming ones, stories that give us food for thought...stories that show us animals aren't dumb after all. They don't forget. They're not stupid and when they love, they love with all their hearts and devotion, until they die. There is no other loyalty so fierce as that of an animal...

Hachiko was an Akita in Japan who continued to go to the Train Station at precisely the correct time his owner's train arrived every day, for nine years after his owner's death, waiting for his return. The story is more involved that that so please click on Hachiko's name and read about him. He deserves to be remembered.

Now to modern day...

"HACHI: A DOG'S TALE," is the movie based on Hachiko's story. Updated, the cast includes Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Jason Alexander. The critcally-acclaimed movie was filmed here in Bristol and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I saw trailers for it at the movies but it was never released in the States. It played mainly in the United Kingdom and Japan.
No one seems to know why it wasn't picked up by any national theaters here in the U.S.

Hachiko is the dog who made Richard Gere cry. Read about it here.

The good news is that Hallmark picked it up so more viewers will be able to see it and more hearts will be touched.

It will be shown on the Hallmark Channel, premiering Sunday, September 26th at 9 pm.
Read more about it on FidoBlog.

Mark your calendars and join us- spirit...LOL because you know Scully, Dovi and I will be glued to the TV...with dog treats, nachos and plenty of Kleenex on hand!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Colder Weather, Longer Naps and Stiff Joints

The nights are so much cooler now, in the 50's...

Scully and Dovi are certainly enjoying sleeping through the night and sleeping in a tad longer these days.

Our Scully Boy has had a sheet and t-shirt covering him at night...he sleeps like a rock. Otherwise, he gets chilly and curls up- not good for a doggie who has had back problems. He's stretched out as I write this.

Dovi, who is usually hot, actually let me cover him with a towel a few nights ago and buried his head under it when I checked on him during the night.

It's a sign.

Dogs curled up under favorite "blankies" means cold weather and a long winter's nap.


Neither Scully or Dovi has shown signs of stiffness yet but like me, are getting up a little more slowly and stretching out a little longer

It's time for me to re-order the Arthro-Aid for them. It takes a good two months to "kick in," I think so by Thanksgiving, they should be in good shape.

I remember a beautiful dog we used to see in the park. Her name was Nellie and she was so sweet. She had arthritis and limped her way across the field every morning. She used to come straight to me, gently wagging her tail.

I used to spend time with her and gently rubbed her haunches and back and shoulders. I know stiff joints work better with a little "warm up" and sure enough, she got up and walked home a little quicker and with a little more "spring" in her step.

Sadly, Nellie is no longer with us. I will remember her sweet and gentle smile and spirit always. She taught me to trust my instincts....because she did. She trusted me and always knew she would find love whenever she was with me...and a gentle massage that made her feel better.

So Dear Reader...if your dog is moving more slowly in the morning...I know it's time-consuming but please do gently rub him/her to warm up his/her muscles...he'll/she'll feel better, move faster and you'll be able to get out the door to school or work with ease...'ll bond with him/her and spend moments that ould otherwise be lost forever.

Isn't your dog worth it?

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest Dog Treat

After a nice afternoon at my friendly, neighborhood laundromat- Superwash** on Metacom Ave. in Warren, I was too tired to think about preparing "real food...."

Having a cheese and tomato sandwich, I wanted something else to go along with it. I remembered I had a few flour tortillas in the fridge and a wave of inspiration flooded over me- I tore the tortilla in pieces and brushed them with olive oil, toasting them in the toaster oven, making my own flour "chips"...perfect for scooping up hummus...perfect for a little tan dog who loves olive oil...

Scully came and grabbed each piece in his mouth, turned tail and took off with his treasure to promptly devour each one on the living room rug.

That's my boy!

Time after time, he repeated the same routine...with the same amount of happy anticipation- This was better than dog biscuits! Fresh and still warm, out of the oven, these "chips" didn't hurt the roof of his mouth and they were "just right" for doggies, leaving no crumbs behind.

Even Picky Dovi enjoyed his tortilla chips in little, tiny at a time.

Tails were wagging, doggie teeth were bared into smiles and it was like Christmas for these two happy pups.

Though we didn't have our walk or run in the park today, we did go for a good ride in the car, eat lots of fresh tortilla chips, chase birds out in the yard... and with lots of love and snuggles, we had a pretty good day.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Running Like Puppies!

Scully, Dovi and I went for our evening visit to the park. There is an enclosed area where I let them off the lead and they go off and do their own "thing." Scully usually goes one way and checks out his favorite spots...Dovi generally goes the opposite way...eventually metting together for a game of "Chase."

I've been thinking a great deal about my last post and wondering what's exactly in every can of the leading dog foods and as I watched them run, I was amazed- again.

They're both seniors.

Scully, as you may remember, was between 9 months and 3 years when I brought him home from the animal shelter. The vet really wasn't sure because he was so emaciated and hadn't grown the way he should have. So Scully could be anywhere from 11 to 14 yrs old. He ran and ran and ran like a puppy..bouncing, jumping and going after his long-legged brother...

Dovi was about 3 months olf when he came home in November of 2000. He ran and ran and ran, a puppy.

To see them, you wouldn't have any idea they are as old as they are...with no illnesses. Dovi had two bouts of Lyme Disease so he doesn't quite have the stamina Scully does but after he catches his breath, he just keeps going and going.

I've always had them on high-quality food. I always felt prevention was worth a pound of cure and I truly believe their diet is what's kept them both "young." Paying a little bit more for dog food every month has paid off because neither one of them has expensive vet bills or arthritis meds or allergy meds, etc.

I reflected back to what a different vet told me when Scully had hurt his back- Dovi rammed him and Scully had some discs that were compressed..the vet told me to put him to sleep or pay for a three thousand dollar sugery that he might not recover from. This poor dog went through so much pain, meds...the steroids were horrible and it broke me heart...I changed his bed...put him on an egg crate mattress and within hours he stopped crying and within a few days was walking on his own and a week later he was running.

I see dogs much younger than they are- half their age who can barely walk because they have bad arthritis or are overweight. It's not necessary. They don't need to be suffering...
That was 5 years ago. And it happened twice. So...

Good food and common sense remedies have worked. We only go to the vet when they need their shots. Period.

Change your dog's food- or cat's...and you'll see an improvement. Like us, they should stay away from preservatives, too.

You've invested so much already and they love you and count on you for their well-being.

Maybe Scully and Dovi will play chase with your dog some time soon. They're pretty good sports.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pet Food- What Are You Really Feeding Your Pets?

I've been remembering the pet food recall over the last week and have been troubled...still.

We open cans and frozen foods from trusted manufacturers and trustingly eat what's inside. Naturally, we do the same for our pets. After all, there are safety guidelines for these factories and manufacturing plants, right?

Well, I was shocked to learn what I learned after watching this video. I found this on YouTube and had to post it here. People have to be here it is...for the love of your pets.

Again, I'd like to remind you that the food formulated by Elliott Harvey was NEVER recalled and I feel confident giving his products to my boys- Scully, Dovi and Whiskers. The man in the video is not Elliott Harvey.

Click Here to go to his site and then watch the video thoroughly!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Naptime and Late Summer Mornings

Though it's been busy for their mama, Scully and Dovi have been enjoying leisurely mornings and afternoon naps in the sun.

I've learned many things from Scully and Dovi and even, Whiskers...enjoying the "moment" and not worrying about later...the importance of routines...take time to play...and always greet with warmth and never say "goodbye" without including "I love you."

We began a new routine a few weeks ago that's brought us all more enjoyment and peace.

When we first go out in the morning for a bathroom trip, I sit on the stoop (the landing or top step) and listen to birds. The dogs also relax and we all enjoy the quiet of the early morning and deeply inhale the fresh, morning air. We stay for about 10-15 minutes and begin the day with clear minds and wagging tails.

The days I didn't take the time to do this were, to say the least, out of control. I didn't enjoy those days as well as I would have had I taken the time to be with them in the morning. Though we still went for evening trips to the park, running free in the grass to play "Catch me if you can"...they enjoyed themselves heartily, I know in my heart they are sad the mornings we break from our routine.

Remember your dog loves you and misses you. You are busy all day with errands, school work, work, cooking, cleaning, PTA, whatever it might be...but all your dog You.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Warren Animal Shelter Fundraiser A Success

Great news!

I just received word that the fundraiser held by the Volunteers for The Warren Animal Shelter last Saturday was a success.

Thanks to all who participated and showed up!

More info to come.

P.S. Scully was sleeping all day so he did not attend. Neither did Dovi.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hero Dog Rescues Dog From Highway In Chile

There are several different videos of this same footage..I am posting two here because it's the most touching thing I've ever seen...It happened this past March in Chile. It is an aerial view of the first dog being hit and it is horrible. I am NOT promoting this..What's important is the second dog running out into traffic, weaving his way and looks like he gets hit or ends up under a truck but he gets his friend and drags him out of traffic.. Not with his teeth or mouth, but with his paws!!
It's beautiful and gives us greater insight into the heart and mind and conscience of dogs...of animals. They are not dumb, stupid or unfeeling!!
Click Here To Watch Second Video Now

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pulling One Over On Scully Boy- Kind Of...

So, it's been established that Scully likes to bark at birds and squirrels, chasing them as far away as possible.

He patrols the yard from one side to the other, making sure no winged creature- high-flying planes included, lands in the yard...

or on the the roof.

He also patrols to make sure no squirrel tries to come in and take over his territory.

I wrote about one such squirrel a few posts ago.

Scully chased him along the top of the fence and almost ran into the street.

Well, I think the "he" squirrel is a "she" squirrel. A "mama" squirrel to be precise.

Driving me close to insanity with his barking to go outside, I grabbed my breakfast and took Scully downstairs to sit in the sun.

After making his rounds, Scully "assumed" his "sunning position" in front of the landlady's garage door.
Once again his eyelids became slits as he went into his alpha sleep.

It was a peaceful time. There was a cool breeze blowing and birds singing. I enjoyed my food and the calmness I felt.

As I placed my bowl of gluey oatmeal on the step, my eye caught movement under the car.

A fierce-looking, brown squirrel came to the edge of the bumper with a little animal in its mouth. It looked at me and then at the slumbering watch-dog. We stared at each other and it looked like the little creature in its mouth was dead..legs spread apart, almost stiff. It had a white tummy and was light gray. I realized it was a Mama Squirrel (caps are now appropriate because I have named her as such) and it appeared she was moving her baby, who was playing 'possum. She was breathing heavily, the little burden in her mouth weighing her down, she looked at me unflinchingly. I looked at her and then motioned to napping Scully, who had no clue his greatest dream could have come true at that very second- to be up close and personal...face-to-face with a squirrel! I looked at her as if to say "he could wake up at any moment." She looked at me and turned away. As she turned, I saw her baby kick its little foot though it tried so hard not to draw attention to itself.

After she scampered away with child in mouth, I carefully went to Scully and gently picked him up. He wasn't ready to go in yet but was so obedient, not understanding "why?"

I gave Mama Squirrel an hour to see that we were gone, though I never saw her cross the driveway.

I did see a familiar gray squirrel run along the top of the fence later on in the day and I've wondered if Mama Squirrel ever moved her babies to safety.

No worries, though because Our Fearless Hero, Scully spent quite a bit of time outside for most of the day.

He's fast asleep on his comfy bed now...resting his head on his pillow and dreaming of the squirrel that got away...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rescued Dog Dancing with Joy

This dog, with over 200 others, was rescued from a puppy mill in Tennessee over 3 months ago. The video says she's dancing...I won't argue with that. Look at these beautiful dogs and know they were rescued. Most of them would have gone to pet stores, gone to someone's home and then ended up at the dog pound...please get your next pet from your local animal shelter. They start off like this...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Very Scully Day

I have to say, Scully had a very good day.

A really, really good day.

He started off by sunning himself in the cool morning hours around 7a.m. Shared some eggs and a few bits of my sprouted grain bagel and decided to drag Mama outside in the sun again.

I didn't mind the beautiful morning though Dovi wanted nothing to do with it. He went inside and our Scully and I continued relaxing. The birds were singing and there was a slight breeze. It was so peaceful....

Scully's eyes became slits and he started nodding off into "doggie dreamland" when all of a sudden he jumped up, twisted his little body around and headed straight for a squirrel!

This dog can bark...loudly.

The terrified squirrel jumped on the fence and ran for his life...unfortunately he ran along the top of the fence...and down the driveway toward the street, our boy Scully in fast pursuit!
I headed him off half-way down the driveway- BARELY and he stopped short. Luckily, I unintentionally scared the squirrel back the way he came and Scully headed back after him.

Hairs standing straight up along his spine and all the ferocity he could muster, he did a job well done and we have been squirrel free all day.

Then he had a nap.

Later on this afternoon we had some bonding time and, as you can see by the photos, he got lucky and got a donut hole, which he promptly buried in the towel, dug it up and grabbed the whole thing in his mouth as if to say, " What? I don't have anything in my mouth..nothin'...I don't see anything in my mouth, do you?"

Check out the photo. LOL He's pretty nonchalant about the donut, careful not to draw attention to himself...Tricky Dog...

He had it in his mouth so long, he started to drool! He finally had to let it drop so he could swallow.
Acquiesing, he ate the donut.

Then we went for a ride and a good walk.

He is now fast asleep on his bed. Out like a light!!

Dovi is out on a walk right now so everybody got exercise today! LOL and I did NOT get donuts. I went for a bottle of water and everybody LOVES Scully gets the treats! ^..^ '

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make Money Promoting Healthy Pet Products

You know, I've used the products from Doctor's Finest, aka Great Life 4 Pets and they are fabulous.

I've highly recommended the Enzymes Pro+ as a wonderful cleanse that really helped Scully clear up his candida problems. He runs and jumps and has the energy of a puppy.

I also recommend the Arthro-Aid for joints and arthritis and the Oxy-Doc Liquid as an all around tonic for all kinds of things. All their products are outstanding.

Scully was featured in the Testimonials for almost a year!

Now you can go to their links at the right of this page, and click on the banner that tells you you can make money promoting healthy pet products.

Just sign up as an Affliate. You'll be on the Homepage, where you can join from either of the banners. Scroll down and click on where it says Become An Affiliate.

You will get an ID number that will track sales that come through you.

You can also click on the other banner to the right, below that to see their products and read Dr. Harvey's articles.

Never, ever put an animal to sleep without consulting there first.

He will consult with you..this includes cancer in dogs, cats and horses!

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Spreading the word about something natural and safe is a wonderful way to make money, don't you think ?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Days and Satos Cooling Off

It wasn't horrible when Scully, Dovi and I went for a walk this afternoon. It was almost comfortable around 5 o'clock- still humid but not oppressive. They did run back into the car- Scully gets lifted gently onto the middle seat and Dovi just jumps like an acrobat set free to soar through the air with the greatest of ease. Gulping down their cool water, they know the routine well- Mama will always have some doggie biscuits ready for their chewing pleasure after they finish their water.

Dovi managed to catch the chilly breeze of the air conditioner and I think he thought he was hanging out the window- his long, Papillon hair flowing in the breeze.

Scully just didn't care. He drank, he ate, he relaxed.


Now, this Sunday afternoon brought some other lucky dogs poolside- in Puerto Rico.

Remember the organization Save A Sato. Well, the Satos got some welcome relief from the heat-
Enjoy the video of some happy dogs this afternoon: SaveASato

Please remember to never leave your dog in a car during the summer- even with the windows rolled down!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fundraiser for Warren Animal Shelter

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a crazy one for me but enjoyable for Scully and Dovi. Chasing unsuspecting birds and airplanes, hurling himself over puddles and driving Dovi crazy, lounging under the air conditioner in the sun and stretching out each night in the comfort of his beloved bed, Scully has had a blast!

Dovi has had a beautiful week just being loved and spoiled, sneaking an occasional mouthful of cat food, jumping and running to the door protecting his domain each time someone knocked and occasionally allowing Scully to stalk him. Aaaah, the joys of summer!

Now, for good deeds...As you know, Scully was adopted from the Warren Animal Shelter in 1999. We've been blessed with almost eleven years of fun, lots of love, tickles and deep joy. Time to return the favor.

The Warren Animal Shelter, in Warren, Rhode Island, is holding a fundraiser on

Saturday, August 21, 2010 at The German Club, 20 Kelly Street in Warren. Rain or Shine.

There will be a Yard Sale from 7- 11 am and then a

Family Cookout and Raffles from 11- 3pm

Tickets can purchased at The German Club or at The Warren Animal Shelter, located at 80 Wood St.

Adults $ 10.00 and Children under 14 are Free

All proceeds to benefit the Warren Animal Shelter.

There is also a drop box for donations located at our favorite laundromat-

Superwash Laundromat, 601 Metacom Ave, Warren, RI

Scully is a Home Boy and we hope those of you in the area will come out and support this important event!

^..^ '

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Coffee Shops in RI and MA and a Dog Who Loves Donut Holes...

There doesn't seem to be any other title that really works for this post, so, as boring as it is, it works.

Please add your comment of any other dog-friendly coffee shop or restaurant in RI or MA. I would love to hear your experiences and see this list grow!

Before I give you the list, courtesy of once again, this month's issue of The Animal Print Magazine (it's FREE), I thought I'd mention some of Scully's favorite places to eat.

As different as Scully and Dovi are in personalities, so too are they different in their choice of preferred cuisine. Scully is a no-nonsense , simple kind of taste, ie, fries, burgers, chicken, etc., as well as beans. Yes...he loves kidney beans, chick peas, peas, pinto beans, canellini beans...and sauteéd summer squash...the more garlic and olive oil in everything, the better. Any kind of pasta (I still call it macaroni) and red sauce. Not surprising at all. Egg white and anything crunchy. Italian bread dipped in a little hazelnut coffee with extra cream, level sugars. No decaf.

Dovi is... picky, picky, picky. Everything MUST be in little, tiny pieces. Cheese would be his favorite. I know. I know...they say it upsets a dog's stomach. In ten years, I haven't seen any disruption at all. In any way or on the lawn.
He loves fish, liver, cat food, which prompts an occasional bite on the face by Whiskers...He's really not into fried food at all. He likes the INSIDE of the french fry. Egg yolks, no whites, which makes it easy for Mama to divide up an egg from her plate. Decaf French Vanilla Coffee with regular cream, level sugars. Gotta be decaf.

And no, I don't give my dogs coffee. Through the years, they have licked the inside of an empty coffee cup from our favorite local coffee shop, Sip and Dip. They both love pieces of egg and cheese from the egg sandwiches and an occasional taste of blueberry, plain or glazed donut holes. They love the Sip and Dip drive-thru and love to see the Girls because they know if they're good, they'll get a donut hole or a dog biscuit. Being smart pups, they hold out for the donut hole. In fact, last winter, I drove through for an egg sandwich and as I pulled away, Scully started to bark. But it wasn't a warning bark or an excited bark. It was his steady bark- once every second. That's the bark I have come to learn that tells me he wants food, water or for me to straighten his blanket. So, I looked at him and he stared me right in the eye. We hadn't gotten the donut hole so I drove around again and pulled up to the window. Ginger was there that morning and she looked surprised and asked me what was wrong.

"Nothing, Hon" I replied. "Scully (who was still barking his steady bark) would like a plain donut hole,though. PLEASE....?"

So, our boy made his point. Stopped barking and gobbled down his donut hole in two pieces. End of story.

They both love graham crackers.

Here's the list:

COFFEE SHOPS (outdoor seating)

Coffee Merchant- Salem, MA

JAVA Speed- Providence, RI
White Electric- Providence, RI

Coffee Exchange- Providence, RI
Main St. Café- East Greenwich, RI
PerKatory- Providence, RI
Coastal Roasters- Tiverton, RI
Einstein's Bagels- Dorchester, MA
South End Buttery- Boston, MA


Julian's Restaurant- Providence, RI
India Restaurant- Providence, RI

Nick's On Broadway- Providence, RI
Aldo's Restaurant- Block Island, RI
Trinity Brewhouse Restaurant- Providence, RI
Tricia's Tropi-Grille- Jamestown, RI
United BBQ- Providence, RI

There you have it, my friends. Keep your pets safe as you travel with them and enjoy some outside relaxation with good food and your four-legged best friend.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Ten Safe Travel Tips For Your Pet

It's been about 11 days of heat and high humidity here in New England...yucky, sticky and hard to breathe unless I am happily splashing in the waves at my favorite beach, which sadly, hasn't happened since the summer of 2008....Sad, I know. Living here in "The Ocean State," there is a slew of beautiful beaches...big waves, no waves, undertow, no undertow...One only needs to ask, "Do I want to tan or do I want to play and ride the waves like a kid again? Do I want to bring lunch or grab some clamcakes and chowdah?"

You decide...I will pass again this year and go for another bathing suit hunt next March...

I didn't go to the beach. No, instead I went to visit my friend, Kori at the laundromat this afternoon. You may remember her from the blog post of the pet-friendly laundromat in Warren, RI. Just scroll down, you'll find it here somewhere. We chatted and laughed over a quick snack of bagels and cream cheese...certainly snacks that will maintain my waist in "bathing suit shape."

As Kori went back to her washing, drying and folding, I sat on my beachbody butt and
browsed through the Travel Issue 2010 of The Animal Print Magazine. Turning the page, I found the *Top Ten Safe Car Travel Tips With Your Pet. Number Seven on the list made me laugh because I remembered something my Scully Boy did the first Spring he was with me...Spring of 2000.

Ah yes...I remember it well...

Scully and I had taken my mother to the dentist. It was a lovely, sunny spring day. Accustomed to sitting on my left arm and looking out the window, young Scully fell asleep...I was enjoying peace and contentment as he dozed. Birds were singing. The sky was blue. It was the perfect morning.

All of a sudden Scully barked and JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW of the car! That tiny dog FLEW like a hawk and was under bushes and briars and dense overgrowth in a nearby field..a small, dense field of overgrowth... He went UNDER the briars that his mama had to run through,scratching her legs, face and arms to find him...matching the color of the not-yet green brush, every time I reached to grab him, his prey led him just beyond my reach. I could hear him barking and scurrying toward the busy, main street. Fear was beginning to overtake me as I desperately tried not to imagine the worst. The good news was that I might be able to get him before he made it to the street. The bad news was that he had a really, really good headstart.

Luckily, I did eventually catch the rascal heart stopped at least ten times in what was probably less than ten minutes...Please follow this link to The Animal Print Magazine and click on the current issue.
When it loads, click for Full screen mode...then roll over the pages until see Top Ten...and then you can zoom in to read it. Sounds like homework but it's fun and makes me feel like I actually have a clue!

Enjoy the list and think of cute, little me a run for my money...the first of many!

*Courtesy of the ASPCA

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Announcement From Dogs In Danger

Warning: some of the material in this particular entry may be disturbing for younger readers. Parental supervision is advised.

Scully, Dovi and Whiskers are all rescues from animal shelters, aka "the Pound."

I have trouble with the term "animal shelter" because for most, it is a holding place until these frightened animals, many loving pets separated from their families, are killed or turned over to be tested in laboratories under pound seizure laws." Yes, it is legal for shelters to turn over a certain number of cats and dogs..pets and loving be used in cruel and inhumane lab experiments, usually without anesthesia. It sickens and horrifies me to think of my beloved animal companions alone and frightened in cages, with needles and drugs burning them, hurting them, feverish and uncared for...disposable.

One of the many wonderful organizations out there is Dogs In Danger and I would like to spread the word about them today.

Today they are announcing 30 days of contests, prizes, sweepstakes and of course FUN! You dog lovers young and old, yes even those that could care less about dogs, have some fun! Enter to win awesome prizes like
you and your dog's picture on the DogsInDanger home page (how cool is that?), a new iPod Touch, or if you're really lucky, 100 dog poop bags (one for each of your dogs:)!

Every day a new contest, every day one or more winners. But you have to go back each day to see what that day's prize is and what you have to do to win it. Each night by midnight EST they will post the prize and contest for the next day here, or you can go to their home page anytime and follow the links to their promotion page! This program is a partnership with the great people at!

Crowdrise is an amazing and innovative social networking site for charities, volunteers and fundraisers to raise lots of money and have the most fun in the world while doing it. The idea is make raising funds FUN, then add some more FUN to it!

Please contact them at if you have any questions and may the person having the most fun win.

Maybe you can save a life.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Let Brotherly Love Continue..."

Due a recent car accident, I haven't been able to take our boys out for walks lately. Have no fear, Dear Reader. Thanks to some good friends, they've still been able to enjoy their walks and runs and the great outdoors.

Dovi has had a bit of a rough time. The humidity makes it tough for him to breathe. This past week, since the Fourth of July, we've had quite a heat wave. Scully LOVES it and still likes to nap in the sun- thank goodness for the chihuahua in him! LOL

When this photo was taken, the dogs went out and Scully did what he had to do...Dovi barely did anything and lay right down where he stood...he must have been HOT because he never sits in the sun. He always runs to the shade. I was so touched to see Big Brother Scully go and lick him and clean his eyes...such compassion...We should watch, learn and do...

"Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13: 1-2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scully Recommends This For Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats

Having such magnificent ears, you can well imagine our boy Scully has had some ear infections during his lifetime.

I brought Scully home from the shelter in November of 1999. The vet who had checked him out missed an ear infection. Since he was my first dog, I didn't know what to look for and finally realized he needed to go the vet- a different one. The inside of his ears were deep pink and he never complained. The new vet was horrified and couldn't believe how gentle Scully was with such a terrible ear infection and that he definitely had when he came from the shelter. His ears were impacted and it broke my heart to have to clean his ears with a liquid solution and a Q-Tip and then try to drop antibiotics into his painful ears. He was wonderful!

When another ear infection occurred, we went to a new vet, as we had moved...and again he had liquid antibiotics and that ear cleanse stuff...but this time the ear infection wouldn't go away. It took much longer and he went through more pain. Those things hurt!!

I found an herbal product called Ears Alright by Ark Naturals that keeps the ear clean and works better than antibiotics! I am not saying it cures ear infections in any way. Through personal use on Scully, Dovi and Whiskers, their ear infections have cleared up and through regular preventative use, they have had very few ear infections.

We sent some to South America and Texas...both for dogs who had painful ear infections and antibiotics didn't help. One of the dogs was in pain for three weeks before he had the Ears Alright.

I am not a vendor for this product, though I wish I could be. I swear by it and trust my animals' ear health to it. You can see the relief in their eyes usually after the second time you administer it. It's a liquid and you just place some drops into the infected ear canal, making sure it goes all the way in. Call around different pet stores to see if they carry it. I drive 20 miles to get it from a store in Cranston, RI. It costs around $20 in-store so try to get it on-line, if you can. Obviously, if your animal companion is in pain, drive to get it and pay the extra few dollars and get it in the ear, right away...

Your pet will thank you.

Scully, Dovi and Whiskers highly recommend it and give it the Paw of Approval!
Ears Alright by Ark Naturals

special thanks to FeedPing for pinging our blog!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take Time To Play!

If there is one thing I have learned from Scully and Dovi, it's take time to play.

Life is always busy if we let it be. We can always find something to occupy our time with. Watching them and being in their presence always helps me forget what's going on in my life. They really live in the moment and enjoy the chance to get a belly rub or play "Catch the Food." They seize every opportunity to give me a kiss or extend a paw in "hug" from them.

I wonder how often we say "I love you.." When our spouse or kids go out the door, do we tell them we love them? Do we hug them often and with real feeling or it a quick hug...a quick kiss while we're thinking about everything we have to do when they go out the door. we rush through our walks with our dogs? Do we rush them because we want to do something else and they're taking too long smelling a bush or a leaf? Do we tug on the leash and tell them to hurry up..let's go?

I think it's time to be in the moment...with them...with each other...with ourselves.

Please take a look at this wonderful organization called Save a Sato. I've written about them before but it's time to bring them to the forefront again. Just click on the banner...
Thank you from the Satos, Scully, Dovi and Me ^..^ '

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pet Friendly Laundromat In Warren, RI

Scully and Dovi really appreciate our Auntie Kori at Super Wash for having a pet-friendly laundromat. She lets us go in occasionally and say Hi or Woof, depending... Please visit her blog at Please take a look and thanks for clicking on our sponsors. It helps.
Remember to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. We owe it to them.

Make Your Own Solar Panels And Save Money

What's In Your Pet Food?

There's so much info these days about reading labels before purchasing food...but what about the labels on your dog or cat food?

To learn about the truth of what's in your pet food, we also suggest PetsumerReport Petsumer Report is a online pet food information publication developed and compiled by Susan Thixton.
You and your pet NEED to know what it is you're feeding him or her...The chemicals we would NOT ingest ourselves...

Here is the link again. Please CLICK here now for the life of your animals!

For now love them every second and don't take them for granted. You and your love and attention are all they have.

Ask A Vet!

Well, we've all had a pretty uneventful six months since my last post, except for two weeks ago when Dovi was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a-GAIN!

We went to an excellent emergency veterinary hospital right on Rt. 6 in Swansea,MA

Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services
76 Baptist Street
Swansea, MA 02777-3318
(508) 379-1233

The vet was excellent and it was a clean facility, very calming for Dovi, who is always a wreck when he goes to the vet. Dovi and I highly recommend it!

Friday, January 8, 2010


A Happy New Year to all creatures, great and small.

Our boys have been romping in the snow, enjoying time under the Christmas Tree and now, napping after a beautiful hour at the park. This photo of Dovi was taken Christmas morning. Our Scully was under his blankie and did NOT want to get up- not even a bribe worked!

I have been spending much time signing petitions and working on my website...dedicating time to personal growth and completing my goals for the New Year.

I ask you always keep our animal companions and all creatures mindful in your daily what you can. Recycle what you can and try to eat more vegetarian meals this year. It will help you feel better, be the planet...and thereby our animals!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Scully, Dovi, Whiskers and Me!

CLICK HERE now to find out what lies beyond The Secret!