Monday, May 25, 2009

Honoring the War Dogs this Memorial Day- The Forgotten Heroes

Scully, Dovi and I would like to thank all the men, women and animals that have given thier lives for our freedom this Memorial Day.

Most people don't know that besides horses, dogs have been used in war...I know that Milk Bones were made to give a treat to some soldier's dog in World War I.
Dogs have been parachuted out of planes by themselves- a terrifying experience in itself...only to land in war zones...many a dog has saved his soldier's life

During Viet Nam, the VC would deliberately target the dog kennels to kill the dogs...because the dogs would sniff them out.
Sadly, tight up until sometime around 2000, our dogs were left behind...thrown away by the military...torn from the ones they loved and protected...their soldiers...This is taken from "War Dogs- -The Untold Story of Dogs in Combat," : "America's war dogs prevented over 10,000 casualties in Vietnam alone and bravely served our country in Operation Desert Storm as well as World War II. Yet, many of these K-9 Soldiers were declared "surplus armaments" and were unceremoniously euthanised or left to unknown fates in Vietnam.

America's war dogs were trained to recognize booby traps, mines tunnels and weapons caches. They were trained for parachutte landings. They warned troops about ambushes. They saved lives by dragging wounded soldiers to safety. These canine heroes lived, bonded and fought side-by-side with our veterans.

After World War II, surviving war dogs were sent home to their families with honorable discharges. But at the end of the Vietnam War, military officials abandoned almost all the American war dogs. None of the dogs of the Vietnam War have ever been honored for their bravery and service until the documentary War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heroes.
Man's Best Friend- Especially in Combat!

I wish to honor them this day...the Silent Heroes, who once again showed their loyalty with their lives. There are several links on the web..please look them and up and learn just how wonderful and brave dogs are...,

We salute you, our fallen heroes: men, women, feather, hoof and are never forgotten.

Jenny, Scully, Dovi and Whiskers

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Save a Sato....What's a Sato?

A wonderful thing happened to me yesterday morning...You see, I had a wonderful website for several years and amassed a great deal of information regarding internet-business building and pages of animal welfare organizations, tips, foods, etc. Due to some unforeseen interruptions in my personal life, I let that website go.

I'm now re-structuring and re-building the website and I remember many of the wonderful organizations I was linking to. One of them is Save a Sato. I will be featuring them on the new website, actually, in the near future. But I'm including them in this morning's blog because of a little dog I met in the park yesterday morning named Lucy.

After bringing Scully and Dovi home from their walk in the park, a close friend and I "drove through" my favorite Sip n Dip Donuts here in Warren, RI and we went back to the park, opened up the canvas chairs by the water and enjoyed a yummy breakfast.

While enjoying the sun, a gorgeous little peach and white dog came sniffing up between us...Her human, following along behind her. He is a wonderful, kind gentleman who introduced us to Lucy. Lucy was dropped off on his doorstep in a box in Puerto Rico. Apparently, all her brothers and sisters were dropped off that way after her mother gave birth to them. The people just put these puppies in boxes and left them on random doorsteps. Not a good idea for the pups...or a safe one. You see, animals aren't treated well by the majority of people in Puerto Rico...Perhaps you recall about a year or so ago when an apartment complex told the tenenats they couldn't have pets anymore...? The owners of the complex sent people in to remove the animals..instead of taking these family pets to animals shelters...they were brutally thrown off a bridge- ALIVE....over 70 or 80 of them...thrown alive...terrified and flying through the air to their deaths...landning on the ones who'd gone before them...I think a few survived...the lucky ones. People were outraged, horrified...and I even signed some letters and petitions...There were family pets...Some are run over..Strays are poisoned..starved, left to die....Satos are the street dogs....

Save A Sato does its best to rescue as many of these beautiful, loving trusting animals..Cats included...they see they get proper vet care, baths and TLC...some are even sent here for adoption. Please visit the link here: Read about this wonderful group, look at the Before and After photos and contribute something if you can- even $5 or $10 dollars. They accept payments through PayPal. Paypal is a secure online payment system...that protects your information. It is owned by eBay and I've had an account with them for 5 years and have never had a problem with them. It's safe and secure. If you don't have a PayPal account, you may join by clicking on HERE. After you sign up for PayPal, you can go back to Save A Sato and donate. You'll see the box on the right side of the homepage.

Muchas gracias de parte de Los Lucy...y de Scully, Dovi y Yo

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Requests for Cleanse for Dogs and Cats

Scully and I would like to thank all of you who've requested what cleanse I use to help Scully. This stuff is de-toxifies the body of free radicals and other bad junk, helps the immune system and so much more. I invite you to read about it and try it for yourselves. I make no health claims..just my experiences with Scully on this...It got rid of his candida...which covered his body in stinky, black fungus and he lost all his hair...He's playful and energetic and you'd never know he's between 10 and 13 years old! As I've written, my vet is stunned at Scully's vigor and told me he is surprised Scully has lasted this on...
I can take you directly to the cleanse in a few steps...I've done this before!

Click here:

Then scroll down and click on Supplements. Then scroll down and click Next. It's on the second page. It's called eNZYmes Pro + . I buy the 225 gram. Its around $25.00 and lasts me over a year.

It's in powder form. At first, I hid it in Scully's dry food. I would pour a homemade broth over it...made from beef stock with sauteed garlic, onion, a little tomato and sometimes red pepper.. I place his dry kibble first...then sprinkle the enzymes over it...then add the broth...sometimes in some mashed sweet potato...He still eats it mixed with something healthy......This stuff completely cleared up his candida, too. Read about it and you'll be amazed. I swear by it 100%..and the Master Herbalist, Elliot Harvey has worked with me regarding Scully several times and always answers my email...I also buy the grain and potato free Bison food when my wallet allows...the treats are exceptional...I did stop giving Scully treats from pet stores, too...there are so many when you can make the switch...ANY little bit helps...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Did I hear the sounds of FOOD in the kitchen?

It's been damp and rainy here the last few know, the kind of chill that gets in your bones. Well, our boy, Scully was on his bed, under his blanket ( an old sweater of mine...) He just loves to nap on gray days...nothing gets him out of his bed...nothing....except for the sounds of Food from the kitchen. :)

Sounds of food?? You know, aluminum foil being unwrapped...plastic wrap..the fridge door opening and closing...footsteps going back and forth from the stove to the fridge, pantry, etc...

Okay, so BOTH dogs came running and I managed to get this shot of our boys...Scully got out of his bed so fast when he heard Dovi's footsteps, that he dragged his blanket with him! It's still on his back and I hadda get that photo- just too cute...and I took it three times because everytime I got his attention for the photo, he'd glance and then go back to what was going on in the pantry! :::sighing::: There are so many deep stories to write many wonderful things too...but for those of you who are dog people, you'll appreciate this...

By the way, they were running to the pantry for capellini and sauce and a little piece of sandwich steak. Not too shabby.....! ~Jenny, Scully and Dovi

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scully's back problems and how we deal with them

We hope this helps other dogs and their guardians with other alternatives to back surgery or...the worst case scenario...

You see, I have no idea what happened to Scully in his early months but I can tell you that when I first got him, big dogs ADORED him...they thought he was a puppy...They never played rough with him, but naturally, being larger dogs, they had the advantage. I didn't know that just by playing with larger dogs, Scully would get rolled around a bit...He always got right up but that may not have helped him...We don't know...I DO know that sometime in 2004, we got a new landlord that had a pitbull pup...As she grew, she got stronger...One day, he pulled up in the driveway with his dog and let her out of the car before I could scoop Scully up in my arms...She went after him and rolled him over and over again like a rag doll! He did NOTHING to stop her..I grabbed Scullly as fast as I could but a fe days later, he screamed in pain and could barely walk...A trip to the vet showed 4 discs screwed up...there was no relief for him...His screams when he tried to move were heart-wrenching...People wanted me to put him down...but we tried a combination of Prednisone, Tramadol ( a pain med) and Methocarbamol (muscle relaxer)....It helped...He was drugged for awhile...the swelling went down...He even got magnetic therapy..still sleeps on a magnet...Seven weeks later he was running in the park- pain free.

We changed apartments in the Fall of 2005...It was November and we were walking in the park...The dogs were running free because there was no one there...Scully was just walking along, enjoying the sun. Dovi saw him from ACROSS the field and RAN after him as fast as he could...I tried to run after him but Dovi rammed him and I heard him hit Scully's jaw. Both dogs went flying backwards, so great was the impact.

Yep...less than 30 minutes later, our very valiant Scully was screaming in pain...We went through the same treatment...but it was colder now...the dampness wasn't helping...He stayed sedated so he wouldn't walk...this time he wasn't getting better...Again, e3veryone told me to put him down...But I kept making eye contact with him...trying top nderstand him..If only they could talk...I thought about many times I woke up with a stiff neck or pulled muscles...I wanted to scream but I knew better..He didn't know better. He just knew he hurt. I knew it wasn't time to put him down...In spite of his pain, he wasn't ready to be put out of his misery. My friend got a piece of egg-crate mattress and put it in his an orthopedic bed.

He stopped crying immediately. After all that and everyone, including the vet who told me he needed $3,000.00 worth of surgery that might cripple him so I should consider the alternative-- EVERYONE told me to put him to sleep and a piece of $10 dollar egg-crate foam made him better!!

Most of us have back pains, stiff necks, etc at one time or another in our lives...Aren't you GLAD nobody is putting you to sleep without your consent??? I AM SO GRATEFUL I DIDN'T PUT HIM TO SLEEP and SO IS HE!! Now when he has back pain...has trouble walking...I fix his the egg-crate...He's got a few depending on your dog...try the egg-crate first...Actually, I bought it at has little points on it...He's on 3 layers...if it's too high, it's just as bad...Adjust it to your dog's size and comfort...He'll let you know...and you'll have many more years with your Best Friend!
I've got my Scully Boy and Dovi....We wouldn't have these beautiful photos of him if I'd given in...He's never given up on me...I will NEVER give up on him!
We hope and pray this blog saves other dogs from an early "forever sleep." After all, we speak for those who can't speak for themselves. ~Jenny, Scully and Dovi

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do Animals See Ghosts? Hmm.......

As I'm sitting here at the computer, I'm watching re-runs of Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel and I decided to share one of several photos I have of the dogs watching an Orb...or an Orb watching the dogs. Now, I know Jay and Grant on Ghost Hunters don't buy into Orbs as something significant but I do because I've witnessed the dogs following things I couldn't see but would have goosebumps or creepy feelings, take a picture and something would come out...I did capture a figure in another here is a photo taken a few days before Christmas 2004...I was on the floor with the dogs when they both started watching something and following it with their eyes....I felt a distinct rush of cold air on my back and the goosebumps so I grabbed the camera- which really was nearby, as I'd been taking christmas photos...and this is what the camera captured...if you look in the upper left quadrant of the photo...not exactly top left but a little lower on the door frame, you'll see an orb in very fast motion and the dogs looking right at it...and there was an excessive amount of light from the flash- too much, actually...Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a pup at heart!


As you can see, I interrupted our boy who was enjoying the sun back in December. He loves the sun any time of day...he just loves to stretch out and nap. But don't let his relaxed demeanor fool you...No, No..this royal dog of the Mayan Kings loves to play "catch the food"...okay, he's not chasing squirrels...He comes right to me and turns his back to if to say "Here I am and I'm making a point!" So I stop what I'm doing and he looks at me and barks....we go to the food bowl and he barks and stares at it...So I toss a kibble acroos the kitchen floor and he chases after it...usually catching it. Sometimes he slides across the floor but he always gets it...Sometimes we'll go through a whole bowl of food that way...but it keeps him from being bored...we bond and he gets to use his "wolf" instincts. Most people can't believe he's over 10 years old because he jumps around like a puppy...I have to say I've done my best to get him the best food I could afford...And the best I've found is made by Doctor's Finest. Just click on the banner above Scully's photo and you'll be taken to the site. They have some incredible products that help with a myriad of ailments..including cancer, arthrits...I swear by these products and Elliott Harvey, Master Herbalist. Scully and I highly recommend them....and we''ll talk more about them in later posts. For now, always remember to speak out when you can for those who can't speak for themselves...
Ciao, Jenny and Scully ^..^ '

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scully is relaxing today but Dovi...

Okay, so since it's been rainy and damp all week, our boy, Scully has just been relaxing...playing occasionally...and enjoying a few bites of an egg and cheese sandwich from Sip n Dip Donuts here in town...and a piece of coffee roll. ;) My concern right now is Dovi. I pulled a tick from under his arm 2 days ago...yes, he gets K9 Advantix but these ticks are immortal, I swear! Anyway, when I pulled the tick off with tweezers, some junk came out of the tick but Dovi wasn't even red at the site of the bite...Well, now he has a lump under his arm and it's a little I'm going to put warm compresses on it to try and draw out the infection...give him a baby aspirin (which he HATES) and then put some antibiotic cream...I'll keep y'all posted!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scully's Little Brother, Dovi

Well, as you might have realized, Scully has a big heart. He went through alot in his early life and I was worried about getting another dog...but it happened. Dovi came from the Providence Animal other words, the city dog pound. He had just come in an hour earlier...He was a little white and black fluffball, shivering on the cold cement. It was early November 2000. He fit in the crook of my arm and weighed 6 lbs. He was about 3 months old and still had that adorable, round "puppy tummy" that young puppies and kittens have. He was adorable. Scully loved him immediately and three days later, thanks to Scully's examply, Dovi lifted his leg like a boy doggie instead of squatting like a girl. It made this mother's heart proud, I tell ya! :)
Well, the vet thought Dovi might have been a long-haired chihuahua but a year later, his magnificent papillon ears grew in and that was the first time I learned what a papillon was. Dovi loved to eat leaves....made me wonder what perils and trauma a three month old puppy could go through on the streets of a big city. He also loved to eat crablegs and seaweed from Colt's Park....Whatever the seagulls dropped, he went after. we are almost 9 years later and I have to tell you, though he's fluffy, Dovi is NOT a foo-foo dog! He LOVES to catch flies and eat them...he loves to run in the mud and he loves to be loved. He tries to be Alpha male but Scully puts him in his place- still. So...for your enjoyment, here's a photo..taken this afternoon of Dovi, chasing a fly. He fish-tailed out of the room and I didn't know what was after him and then I saw it- the FLY!! Dovi got him about an hour and a half later. Atta boy, Little Bit!!

As for Scully, Dovi and Me, well...we'd like to thank our friend, Kori at Super Wash for having a pet-friendly laundromat. She lets us go in occasionally and say Hi or Woof, depending... Please visit her blog at Please take a look and thanks for clicking on our sponsors. It helps.
Remember to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. We owe it to them.
~ Jenny, Scully and Dovi ^..^ ' ^..^ '

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scully does not like rainy days!

Well, it was pouring this morning...Nice weather for ducks and flowers but not for sleepy puppies! I called Scully, who was under his green blankie (YES, it's a blankie!! LOL) He was in a state of you can see by his little tongue sticking out! (look closely, it's there, I swear!!)
Anyway, when he and his little brother, Dovi (another rescue)heard the familiar sound of their raincoats, they quietly tried to slip away...But Mama prevailed and off we went outside. I tried to get a photo of both of them in their raincoats but it didn't I've got our boy, Scully, begging to go in while his bro was busy doing his business. :::sighing::: He HATES to get his toes wet so he tries to tiptoe over the puddles and if they're too deep, he tries to jump over them...too cute!
As I write this, he is back under his blankie...after sneaking over to the cat's dish and polishing off all the food....Scully's bowl, however is FULL! Why eat Dog food when the cat food is right there? It's clearing up this puppy will be very, very pleased!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Scully's Story

Well, now you've seen a photo of this amazing pooch. Now here's what I know of his beginnings...

Scully was rescued by Fran, the Animal Control Officer at the time ins Warren, RI. I called different animal shelters because I knew I wanted to make a difference in an animal's life. I wanted him or her to be a rescue. Anyway, I was hoping for a small, "apartment-sized" dog because of my personal situation. I was thrilled when Fran called me back and told me she had a Corgi-Chihuahua mix. He'd been there a week and had just been neutered. She told me he was skin and bones but had a sweet personality. He'd been starved and chained outside and she removed him from the premises...she'd been giving him canned dog food to "fatten him up." I could go by and see him the next day.

So the next day my friend and his basset hound took a ride to Warren to see if "Lucky" as Fran had called him, would be "the one." I went inside and she went to get him...she'd been letting him walk around freely inside and he was very shy. I waited in the office and I turned around and saw him peeking by the door as he paused before coming closer to me. He looked me in the eye with those big, brown eyes and I was "hooked." He came toward me slowly still and he let me pet him. I knew I wanted him to come home with we went outside and he got along well with he came home with me and th rest is history.

He's part of my life- my family and he listens without judging and I can't imagine my life without him. I guess I became Scully's haven. It's my goal that He becomes a haven for other animals.

Scully thanks you for visiting and so do I. ~Jenny and Scully ^..^ '

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Scully's Haven?

It took me quite a bit of deliberation in choosing a title, etc for this blog. Since it has two basic purposes, I decided to go with my main focus- which is Animal Welfare. Scully is my Corgi-Chihuahua mix and the star of this blog. He came to my life on November 15, 1999 and has been my best friend and confidante since then. He even saved my life a few months later. But we'll save that for another post!

Through the years, I've come across remedies, excellent dog food and wonderful animal welfare sites that I'll share with you...maybe we can save a life- possibly your pet's.

I also understand money is tight these days and usually people switch to cheaper dog or cat food...cut out donations to animal rescue, etc. I've learned different ways to earn money on the internet through low-cost or free advertising...I can even show you how to get your own website FREE for 7 days and then only $10 bucks a month...AND earn an income with it... So, stick around...enjoy the ride...and let's do this together.
We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!