Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hartz Recall On Beef Dog Chews- Salmonella Found

Thanks to a fellow doglover on Twitter, I'm passing this info along...

Hartz Mountain Corp is recalling 75,000 bags of Hartz Real Natural Beef dog treats. Click Here to read the full article.

FDA sampling found the presence of Salmonella organisms in one or more bags.

The company has stated it has received no complaints of sick animals or humans.

The FDA advises dog owners whose animals have symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain and nausea to seek veterinary assistance immediately.

Please this info on to others. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Miss "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" Sept. 26th

Do you love animal stories as much as I do? Heroic ones, heart-warming ones, stories that give us food for thought...stories that show us animals aren't dumb after all. They don't forget. They're not stupid and when they love, they love with all their hearts and devotion, until they die. There is no other loyalty so fierce as that of an animal...

Hachiko was an Akita in Japan who continued to go to the Train Station at precisely the correct time his owner's train arrived every day, for nine years after his owner's death, waiting for his return. The story is more involved that that so please click on Hachiko's name and read about him. He deserves to be remembered.

Now to modern day...

"HACHI: A DOG'S TALE," is the movie based on Hachiko's story. Updated, the cast includes Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Jason Alexander. The critcally-acclaimed movie was filmed here in Bristol and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I saw trailers for it at the movies but it was never released in the States. It played mainly in the United Kingdom and Japan.
No one seems to know why it wasn't picked up by any national theaters here in the U.S.

Hachiko is the dog who made Richard Gere cry. Read about it here.

The good news is that Hallmark picked it up so more viewers will be able to see it and more hearts will be touched.

It will be shown on the Hallmark Channel, premiering Sunday, September 26th at 9 pm.
Read more about it on FidoBlog.

Mark your calendars and join us- spirit...LOL because you know Scully, Dovi and I will be glued to the TV...with dog treats, nachos and plenty of Kleenex on hand!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Colder Weather, Longer Naps and Stiff Joints

The nights are so much cooler now, in the 50's...

Scully and Dovi are certainly enjoying sleeping through the night and sleeping in a tad longer these days.

Our Scully Boy has had a sheet and t-shirt covering him at night...he sleeps like a rock. Otherwise, he gets chilly and curls up- not good for a doggie who has had back problems. He's stretched out as I write this.

Dovi, who is usually hot, actually let me cover him with a towel a few nights ago and buried his head under it when I checked on him during the night.

It's a sign.

Dogs curled up under favorite "blankies" means cold weather and a long winter's nap.


Neither Scully or Dovi has shown signs of stiffness yet but like me, are getting up a little more slowly and stretching out a little longer

It's time for me to re-order the Arthro-Aid for them. It takes a good two months to "kick in," I think so by Thanksgiving, they should be in good shape.

I remember a beautiful dog we used to see in the park. Her name was Nellie and she was so sweet. She had arthritis and limped her way across the field every morning. She used to come straight to me, gently wagging her tail.

I used to spend time with her and gently rubbed her haunches and back and shoulders. I know stiff joints work better with a little "warm up" and sure enough, she got up and walked home a little quicker and with a little more "spring" in her step.

Sadly, Nellie is no longer with us. I will remember her sweet and gentle smile and spirit always. She taught me to trust my instincts....because she did. She trusted me and always knew she would find love whenever she was with me...and a gentle massage that made her feel better.

So Dear Reader...if your dog is moving more slowly in the morning...I know it's time-consuming but please do gently rub him/her to warm up his/her muscles...he'll/she'll feel better, move faster and you'll be able to get out the door to school or work with ease...'ll bond with him/her and spend moments that ould otherwise be lost forever.

Isn't your dog worth it?

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest Dog Treat

After a nice afternoon at my friendly, neighborhood laundromat- Superwash** on Metacom Ave. in Warren, I was too tired to think about preparing "real food...."

Having a cheese and tomato sandwich, I wanted something else to go along with it. I remembered I had a few flour tortillas in the fridge and a wave of inspiration flooded over me- I tore the tortilla in pieces and brushed them with olive oil, toasting them in the toaster oven, making my own flour "chips"...perfect for scooping up hummus...perfect for a little tan dog who loves olive oil...

Scully came and grabbed each piece in his mouth, turned tail and took off with his treasure to promptly devour each one on the living room rug.

That's my boy!

Time after time, he repeated the same routine...with the same amount of happy anticipation- This was better than dog biscuits! Fresh and still warm, out of the oven, these "chips" didn't hurt the roof of his mouth and they were "just right" for doggies, leaving no crumbs behind.

Even Picky Dovi enjoyed his tortilla chips in little, tiny at a time.

Tails were wagging, doggie teeth were bared into smiles and it was like Christmas for these two happy pups.

Though we didn't have our walk or run in the park today, we did go for a good ride in the car, eat lots of fresh tortilla chips, chase birds out in the yard... and with lots of love and snuggles, we had a pretty good day.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Running Like Puppies!

Scully, Dovi and I went for our evening visit to the park. There is an enclosed area where I let them off the lead and they go off and do their own "thing." Scully usually goes one way and checks out his favorite spots...Dovi generally goes the opposite way...eventually metting together for a game of "Chase."

I've been thinking a great deal about my last post and wondering what's exactly in every can of the leading dog foods and as I watched them run, I was amazed- again.

They're both seniors.

Scully, as you may remember, was between 9 months and 3 years when I brought him home from the animal shelter. The vet really wasn't sure because he was so emaciated and hadn't grown the way he should have. So Scully could be anywhere from 11 to 14 yrs old. He ran and ran and ran like a puppy..bouncing, jumping and going after his long-legged brother...

Dovi was about 3 months olf when he came home in November of 2000. He ran and ran and ran, a puppy.

To see them, you wouldn't have any idea they are as old as they are...with no illnesses. Dovi had two bouts of Lyme Disease so he doesn't quite have the stamina Scully does but after he catches his breath, he just keeps going and going.

I've always had them on high-quality food. I always felt prevention was worth a pound of cure and I truly believe their diet is what's kept them both "young." Paying a little bit more for dog food every month has paid off because neither one of them has expensive vet bills or arthritis meds or allergy meds, etc.

I reflected back to what a different vet told me when Scully had hurt his back- Dovi rammed him and Scully had some discs that were compressed..the vet told me to put him to sleep or pay for a three thousand dollar sugery that he might not recover from. This poor dog went through so much pain, meds...the steroids were horrible and it broke me heart...I changed his bed...put him on an egg crate mattress and within hours he stopped crying and within a few days was walking on his own and a week later he was running.

I see dogs much younger than they are- half their age who can barely walk because they have bad arthritis or are overweight. It's not necessary. They don't need to be suffering...
That was 5 years ago. And it happened twice. So...

Good food and common sense remedies have worked. We only go to the vet when they need their shots. Period.

Change your dog's food- or cat's...and you'll see an improvement. Like us, they should stay away from preservatives, too.

You've invested so much already and they love you and count on you for their well-being.

Maybe Scully and Dovi will play chase with your dog some time soon. They're pretty good sports.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pet Food- What Are You Really Feeding Your Pets?

I've been remembering the pet food recall over the last week and have been troubled...still.

We open cans and frozen foods from trusted manufacturers and trustingly eat what's inside. Naturally, we do the same for our pets. After all, there are safety guidelines for these factories and manufacturing plants, right?

Well, I was shocked to learn what I learned after watching this video. I found this on YouTube and had to post it here. People have to be here it is...for the love of your pets.

Again, I'd like to remind you that the food formulated by Elliott Harvey was NEVER recalled and I feel confident giving his products to my boys- Scully, Dovi and Whiskers. The man in the video is not Elliott Harvey.

Click Here to go to his site and then watch the video thoroughly!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Naptime and Late Summer Mornings

Though it's been busy for their mama, Scully and Dovi have been enjoying leisurely mornings and afternoon naps in the sun.

I've learned many things from Scully and Dovi and even, Whiskers...enjoying the "moment" and not worrying about later...the importance of routines...take time to play...and always greet with warmth and never say "goodbye" without including "I love you."

We began a new routine a few weeks ago that's brought us all more enjoyment and peace.

When we first go out in the morning for a bathroom trip, I sit on the stoop (the landing or top step) and listen to birds. The dogs also relax and we all enjoy the quiet of the early morning and deeply inhale the fresh, morning air. We stay for about 10-15 minutes and begin the day with clear minds and wagging tails.

The days I didn't take the time to do this were, to say the least, out of control. I didn't enjoy those days as well as I would have had I taken the time to be with them in the morning. Though we still went for evening trips to the park, running free in the grass to play "Catch me if you can"...they enjoyed themselves heartily, I know in my heart they are sad the mornings we break from our routine.

Remember your dog loves you and misses you. You are busy all day with errands, school work, work, cooking, cleaning, PTA, whatever it might be...but all your dog You.

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