Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make Money Promoting Healthy Pet Products

You know, I've used the products from Doctor's Finest, aka Great Life 4 Pets and they are fabulous.

I've highly recommended the Enzymes Pro+ as a wonderful cleanse that really helped Scully clear up his candida problems. He runs and jumps and has the energy of a puppy.

I also recommend the Arthro-Aid for joints and arthritis and the Oxy-Doc Liquid as an all around tonic for all kinds of things. All their products are outstanding.

Scully was featured in the Testimonials for almost a year!

Now you can go to their links at the right of this page, and click on the banner that tells you you can make money promoting healthy pet products.

Just sign up as an Affliate. You'll be on the Homepage, where you can join from either of the banners. Scroll down and click on where it says Become An Affiliate.

You will get an ID number that will track sales that come through you.

You can also click on the other banner to the right, below that to see their products and read Dr. Harvey's articles.

Never, ever put an animal to sleep without consulting there first.

He will consult with you..this includes cancer in dogs, cats and horses!

Many people are looking for ways to supplement their incomes or work full-time from home. Being an Affiliate Marketer is a great way to do so. You sign up to sell someone's product and they pay you a commission on each sale. Your affiliate ID lets them know whom to pay. They don't have to advertise so they can afford to pay you the commission and there are many free ways to advertise on the internet. If you'd like some tips, email me and I can point you in the way to go. The beauty of this is that you don't have to sign up with only one company or only sell one product. You can do various and see which ones bring you the most money.

Spreading the word about something natural and safe is a wonderful way to make money, don't you think ?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Days and Satos Cooling Off

It wasn't horrible when Scully, Dovi and I went for a walk this afternoon. It was almost comfortable around 5 o'clock- still humid but not oppressive. They did run back into the car- Scully gets lifted gently onto the middle seat and Dovi just jumps like an acrobat set free to soar through the air with the greatest of ease. Gulping down their cool water, they know the routine well- Mama will always have some doggie biscuits ready for their chewing pleasure after they finish their water.

Dovi managed to catch the chilly breeze of the air conditioner and I think he thought he was hanging out the window- his long, Papillon hair flowing in the breeze.

Scully just didn't care. He drank, he ate, he relaxed.


Now, this Sunday afternoon brought some other lucky dogs poolside- in Puerto Rico.

Remember the organization Save A Sato. Well, the Satos got some welcome relief from the heat-
Enjoy the video of some happy dogs this afternoon: SaveASato

Please remember to never leave your dog in a car during the summer- even with the windows rolled down!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fundraiser for Warren Animal Shelter

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a crazy one for me but enjoyable for Scully and Dovi. Chasing unsuspecting birds and airplanes, hurling himself over puddles and driving Dovi crazy, lounging under the air conditioner in the sun and stretching out each night in the comfort of his beloved bed, Scully has had a blast!

Dovi has had a beautiful week just being loved and spoiled, sneaking an occasional mouthful of cat food, jumping and running to the door protecting his domain each time someone knocked and occasionally allowing Scully to stalk him. Aaaah, the joys of summer!

Now, for good deeds...As you know, Scully was adopted from the Warren Animal Shelter in 1999. We've been blessed with almost eleven years of fun, lots of love, tickles and deep joy. Time to return the favor.

The Warren Animal Shelter, in Warren, Rhode Island, is holding a fundraiser on

Saturday, August 21, 2010 at The German Club, 20 Kelly Street in Warren. Rain or Shine.

There will be a Yard Sale from 7- 11 am and then a

Family Cookout and Raffles from 11- 3pm

Tickets can purchased at The German Club or at The Warren Animal Shelter, located at 80 Wood St.

Adults $ 10.00 and Children under 14 are Free

All proceeds to benefit the Warren Animal Shelter.

There is also a drop box for donations located at our favorite laundromat-

Superwash Laundromat, 601 Metacom Ave, Warren, RI

Scully is a Home Boy and we hope those of you in the area will come out and support this important event!

^..^ '

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Coffee Shops in RI and MA and a Dog Who Loves Donut Holes...

There doesn't seem to be any other title that really works for this post, so, as boring as it is, it works.

Please add your comment of any other dog-friendly coffee shop or restaurant in RI or MA. I would love to hear your experiences and see this list grow!

Before I give you the list, courtesy of once again, this month's issue of The Animal Print Magazine (it's FREE), I thought I'd mention some of Scully's favorite places to eat.

As different as Scully and Dovi are in personalities, so too are they different in their choice of preferred cuisine. Scully is a no-nonsense , simple kind of taste, ie, fries, burgers, chicken, etc., as well as beans. Yes...he loves kidney beans, chick peas, peas, pinto beans, canellini beans...and sauteéd summer squash...the more garlic and olive oil in everything, the better. Any kind of pasta (I still call it macaroni) and red sauce. Not surprising at all. Egg white and anything crunchy. Italian bread dipped in a little hazelnut coffee with extra cream, level sugars. No decaf.

Dovi is... picky, picky, picky. Everything MUST be in little, tiny pieces. Cheese would be his favorite. I know. I know...they say it upsets a dog's stomach. In ten years, I haven't seen any disruption at all. In any way or on the lawn.
He loves fish, liver, cat food, which prompts an occasional bite on the face by Whiskers...He's really not into fried food at all. He likes the INSIDE of the french fry. Egg yolks, no whites, which makes it easy for Mama to divide up an egg from her plate. Decaf French Vanilla Coffee with regular cream, level sugars. Gotta be decaf.

And no, I don't give my dogs coffee. Through the years, they have licked the inside of an empty coffee cup from our favorite local coffee shop, Sip and Dip. They both love pieces of egg and cheese from the egg sandwiches and an occasional taste of blueberry, plain or glazed donut holes. They love the Sip and Dip drive-thru and love to see the Girls because they know if they're good, they'll get a donut hole or a dog biscuit. Being smart pups, they hold out for the donut hole. In fact, last winter, I drove through for an egg sandwich and as I pulled away, Scully started to bark. But it wasn't a warning bark or an excited bark. It was his steady bark- once every second. That's the bark I have come to learn that tells me he wants food, water or for me to straighten his blanket. So, I looked at him and he stared me right in the eye. We hadn't gotten the donut hole so I drove around again and pulled up to the window. Ginger was there that morning and she looked surprised and asked me what was wrong.

"Nothing, Hon" I replied. "Scully (who was still barking his steady bark) would like a plain donut hole,though. PLEASE....?"

So, our boy made his point. Stopped barking and gobbled down his donut hole in two pieces. End of story.

They both love graham crackers.

Here's the list:

COFFEE SHOPS (outdoor seating)

Coffee Merchant- Salem, MA

JAVA Speed- Providence, RI
White Electric- Providence, RI

Coffee Exchange- Providence, RI
Main St. Café- East Greenwich, RI
PerKatory- Providence, RI
Coastal Roasters- Tiverton, RI
Einstein's Bagels- Dorchester, MA
South End Buttery- Boston, MA


Julian's Restaurant- Providence, RI
India Restaurant- Providence, RI

Nick's On Broadway- Providence, RI
Aldo's Restaurant- Block Island, RI
Trinity Brewhouse Restaurant- Providence, RI
Tricia's Tropi-Grille- Jamestown, RI
United BBQ- Providence, RI

There you have it, my friends. Keep your pets safe as you travel with them and enjoy some outside relaxation with good food and your four-legged best friend.
^..^ ' ^..^ ' ^..^ ' ^..^ '

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Ten Safe Travel Tips For Your Pet

It's been about 11 days of heat and high humidity here in New England...yucky, sticky and hard to breathe unless I am happily splashing in the waves at my favorite beach, which sadly, hasn't happened since the summer of 2008....Sad, I know. Living here in "The Ocean State," there is a slew of beautiful beaches...big waves, no waves, undertow, no undertow...One only needs to ask, "Do I want to tan or do I want to play and ride the waves like a kid again? Do I want to bring lunch or grab some clamcakes and chowdah?"

You decide...I will pass again this year and go for another bathing suit hunt next March...

I didn't go to the beach. No, instead I went to visit my friend, Kori at the laundromat this afternoon. You may remember her from the blog post of the pet-friendly laundromat in Warren, RI. Just scroll down, you'll find it here somewhere. We chatted and laughed over a quick snack of bagels and cream cheese...certainly snacks that will maintain my waist in "bathing suit shape."

As Kori went back to her washing, drying and folding, I sat on my beachbody butt and
browsed through the Travel Issue 2010 of The Animal Print Magazine. Turning the page, I found the *Top Ten Safe Car Travel Tips With Your Pet. Number Seven on the list made me laugh because I remembered something my Scully Boy did the first Spring he was with me...Spring of 2000.

Ah yes...I remember it well...

Scully and I had taken my mother to the dentist. It was a lovely, sunny spring day. Accustomed to sitting on my left arm and looking out the window, young Scully fell asleep...I was enjoying peace and contentment as he dozed. Birds were singing. The sky was blue. It was the perfect morning.

All of a sudden Scully barked and JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW of the car! That tiny dog FLEW like a hawk and was under bushes and briars and dense overgrowth in a nearby field..a small, dense field of overgrowth... He went UNDER the briars that his mama had to run through,scratching her legs, face and arms to find him...matching the color of the not-yet green brush, every time I reached to grab him, his prey led him just beyond my reach. I could hear him barking and scurrying toward the busy, main street. Fear was beginning to overtake me as I desperately tried not to imagine the worst. The good news was that I might be able to get him before he made it to the street. The bad news was that he had a really, really good headstart.

Luckily, I did eventually catch the rascal heart stopped at least ten times in what was probably less than ten minutes...Please follow this link to The Animal Print Magazine and click on the current issue.
When it loads, click for Full screen mode...then roll over the pages until see Top Ten...and then you can zoom in to read it. Sounds like homework but it's fun and makes me feel like I actually have a clue!

Enjoy the list and think of cute, little me a run for my money...the first of many!

*Courtesy of the ASPCA

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Announcement From Dogs In Danger

Warning: some of the material in this particular entry may be disturbing for younger readers. Parental supervision is advised.

Scully, Dovi and Whiskers are all rescues from animal shelters, aka "the Pound."

I have trouble with the term "animal shelter" because for most, it is a holding place until these frightened animals, many loving pets separated from their families, are killed or turned over to be tested in laboratories under pound seizure laws." Yes, it is legal for shelters to turn over a certain number of cats and dogs..pets and loving be used in cruel and inhumane lab experiments, usually without anesthesia. It sickens and horrifies me to think of my beloved animal companions alone and frightened in cages, with needles and drugs burning them, hurting them, feverish and uncared for...disposable.

One of the many wonderful organizations out there is Dogs In Danger and I would like to spread the word about them today.

Today they are announcing 30 days of contests, prizes, sweepstakes and of course FUN! You dog lovers young and old, yes even those that could care less about dogs, have some fun! Enter to win awesome prizes like
you and your dog's picture on the DogsInDanger home page (how cool is that?), a new iPod Touch, or if you're really lucky, 100 dog poop bags (one for each of your dogs:)!

Every day a new contest, every day one or more winners. But you have to go back each day to see what that day's prize is and what you have to do to win it. Each night by midnight EST they will post the prize and contest for the next day here, or you can go to their home page anytime and follow the links to their promotion page! This program is a partnership with the great people at!

Crowdrise is an amazing and innovative social networking site for charities, volunteers and fundraisers to raise lots of money and have the most fun in the world while doing it. The idea is make raising funds FUN, then add some more FUN to it!

Please contact them at if you have any questions and may the person having the most fun win.

Maybe you can save a life.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Let Brotherly Love Continue..."

Due a recent car accident, I haven't been able to take our boys out for walks lately. Have no fear, Dear Reader. Thanks to some good friends, they've still been able to enjoy their walks and runs and the great outdoors.

Dovi has had a bit of a rough time. The humidity makes it tough for him to breathe. This past week, since the Fourth of July, we've had quite a heat wave. Scully LOVES it and still likes to nap in the sun- thank goodness for the chihuahua in him! LOL

When this photo was taken, the dogs went out and Scully did what he had to do...Dovi barely did anything and lay right down where he stood...he must have been HOT because he never sits in the sun. He always runs to the shade. I was so touched to see Big Brother Scully go and lick him and clean his eyes...such compassion...We should watch, learn and do...

"Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13: 1-2