Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stopping in to say Hi.

So, Scully and I have been having a blast since Memorial Day. We've been to the park with his brother, Dovi....walked in the rain...basked in the sun by the shore. Chased a few birds and a squirrel. We've shared egg and cheese sandwiches from our favorite coffee shop- Sip n Dip. We've had a few games of "Catch The Food." Lots of tummy rubs, puppy kisses, a few doggie baths...lots of afternoon naps and dog biscuits.

I will catch up with all the topics I'd like to write about...but for now, let's be happy and listen to our dogs. They'll teach us so much if we just stop, listen and watch. 'Til next time, Jenny, Scully and Dovi

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