Monday, November 16, 2009

Enjoying the Autumn and Our 10 Year Anniversary.

Well, after a great summer, Scully is having a BLAST this Fall! He's enjoying walks in his favorite park- sniffing through leaves, barking at geese and birds...being otherwise his charming self.

As a wonderful note, we celebrated 10 years together, yesterday, November 15th, 2009. Of course, I was teary-eyed, remembering the first time I saw him at the Animal Shelter in Warren. He was so tiny and emaciated but sweet. When I gently placed him in the front seat next me, he sat there as if he'd always been there. It was beautiful, the ride home...he fell asleep in the sun- Goodness knows I have DOZENS of photos of him just sleeping in the sun...He never wanted to leave my side...We'll discuss separation anxiety in another post! ;)

He's barking at me as I write this, so I'll close and go play with him...isn't that what it's all about- enjoying the moments as they happen?

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