Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take Time To Play!

If there is one thing I have learned from Scully and Dovi, it's take time to play.

Life is always busy if we let it be. We can always find something to occupy our time with. Watching them and being in their presence always helps me forget what's going on in my life. They really live in the moment and enjoy the chance to get a belly rub or play "Catch the Food." They seize every opportunity to give me a kiss or extend a paw in "hug" from them.

I wonder how often we say "I love you.." When our spouse or kids go out the door, do we tell them we love them? Do we hug them often and with real feeling or it a quick hug...a quick kiss while we're thinking about everything we have to do when they go out the door. we rush through our walks with our dogs? Do we rush them because we want to do something else and they're taking too long smelling a bush or a leaf? Do we tug on the leash and tell them to hurry up..let's go?

I think it's time to be in the moment...with them...with each other...with ourselves.

Please take a look at this wonderful organization called Save a Sato. I've written about them before but it's time to bring them to the forefront again. Just click on the banner...
Thank you from the Satos, Scully, Dovi and Me ^..^ '

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