Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Coffee Shops in RI and MA and a Dog Who Loves Donut Holes...

There doesn't seem to be any other title that really works for this post, so, as boring as it is, it works.

Please add your comment of any other dog-friendly coffee shop or restaurant in RI or MA. I would love to hear your experiences and see this list grow!

Before I give you the list, courtesy of once again, this month's issue of The Animal Print Magazine (it's FREE), I thought I'd mention some of Scully's favorite places to eat.

As different as Scully and Dovi are in personalities, so too are they different in their choice of preferred cuisine. Scully is a no-nonsense , simple kind of taste, ie, fries, burgers, chicken, etc., as well as beans. Yes...he loves kidney beans, chick peas, peas, pinto beans, canellini beans...and sauteéd summer squash...the more garlic and olive oil in everything, the better. Any kind of pasta (I still call it macaroni) and red sauce. Not surprising at all. Egg white and anything crunchy. Italian bread dipped in a little hazelnut coffee with extra cream, level sugars. No decaf.

Dovi is... picky, picky, picky. Everything MUST be in little, tiny pieces. Cheese would be his favorite. I know. I know...they say it upsets a dog's stomach. In ten years, I haven't seen any disruption at all. In any way or on the lawn.
He loves fish, liver, cat food, which prompts an occasional bite on the face by Whiskers...He's really not into fried food at all. He likes the INSIDE of the french fry. Egg yolks, no whites, which makes it easy for Mama to divide up an egg from her plate. Decaf French Vanilla Coffee with regular cream, level sugars. Gotta be decaf.

And no, I don't give my dogs coffee. Through the years, they have licked the inside of an empty coffee cup from our favorite local coffee shop, Sip and Dip. They both love pieces of egg and cheese from the egg sandwiches and an occasional taste of blueberry, plain or glazed donut holes. They love the Sip and Dip drive-thru and love to see the Girls because they know if they're good, they'll get a donut hole or a dog biscuit. Being smart pups, they hold out for the donut hole. In fact, last winter, I drove through for an egg sandwich and as I pulled away, Scully started to bark. But it wasn't a warning bark or an excited bark. It was his steady bark- once every second. That's the bark I have come to learn that tells me he wants food, water or for me to straighten his blanket. So, I looked at him and he stared me right in the eye. We hadn't gotten the donut hole so I drove around again and pulled up to the window. Ginger was there that morning and she looked surprised and asked me what was wrong.

"Nothing, Hon" I replied. "Scully (who was still barking his steady bark) would like a plain donut hole,though. PLEASE....?"

So, our boy made his point. Stopped barking and gobbled down his donut hole in two pieces. End of story.

They both love graham crackers.

Here's the list:

COFFEE SHOPS (outdoor seating)

Coffee Merchant- Salem, MA

JAVA Speed- Providence, RI
White Electric- Providence, RI

Coffee Exchange- Providence, RI
Main St. Café- East Greenwich, RI
PerKatory- Providence, RI
Coastal Roasters- Tiverton, RI
Einstein's Bagels- Dorchester, MA
South End Buttery- Boston, MA


Julian's Restaurant- Providence, RI
India Restaurant- Providence, RI

Nick's On Broadway- Providence, RI
Aldo's Restaurant- Block Island, RI
Trinity Brewhouse Restaurant- Providence, RI
Tricia's Tropi-Grille- Jamestown, RI
United BBQ- Providence, RI

There you have it, my friends. Keep your pets safe as you travel with them and enjoy some outside relaxation with good food and your four-legged best friend.
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  1. Enjoyed reading post on your blog.!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I will have to check out some of those places. You should try Justine’s Table, what I like to consider the best restaurant in Newton, MA.