Sunday, January 9, 2011

Emergency Car Kit For Your Pet

Scully and Dovi are not crazy about the snow anymore.

Oh sure, as pups they loved to run and jump in it, chasing each other and sliding around in it.

They never tired of it.


They run in it... the door.

They don't want to hear it...S-N-O-W...nope. It's a four-letter word.

Now, these dogs are bundled up with a sweater and a fake fleece doggie coat.
They waddle around like the baby brother in "A Christmas Story" but they still enjoy being outside- just for shorter amounts of time.

Rides in the car and walks in the park are still the all-time favorite things to do- next to snuggling with Mama and getting tummy rubs, so I thought putting together a little list for the car would be helpful to other like-minded "dog people."  Actually, you've probably already thought of this so please add anything at all to the list.  I welcome your comments!

  1. Dry blankets for you and Fido or Fluffy. Emergency space blankets are small, compact and reflective.  Check out the camping department at your local retail store
  2. Hand warmers for you and to put under their blankets or a thin cloth-never on their exposed skin
  3. Emergency meds and veterinarian info for them. 
  4. Small bags of kibble or canned food w/plastic utensils and bowls
  5. Water
  6. Chew toys to calm their nerves
  7. Bach Rescue Remedy if it helps them.  Spray a little first so they're used to it
  8. Leads (leashes) and collars- when rescue personnel arrive, your dog will bark and possibly bite them in order to protect you. Having them on a leash or in a doggie seatbelt will keep them safe and get you the help you need sooner
  9. Emergency flares AND a reflective triangle- if you can leave your car, place the triangle far to the rear of your car, then place a flare farther out into the road and the next flare even farther into the lane to divert oncoming cars and trucks AWAY from you and your dogs!  If they see the triangle and at least two flares guiding them to another lane, they'll have time to move AWAY from you and not HIT you!
NEVER LEAVE YOUR ANIMALS ALONE IN THE CAR- EVER!!  Take them with you or stay in the car with them until help arrives!

We hope you never have to use this info but please be prepared and safe with your pets.
CLICK HERE for a list of other non-pet items you should have in your car kit!

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