Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loyal Dog Won't Leave Injured Friend Behind - HELP JAPAN'S LOST & INJURED...

This video has been all over Yahoo and the web and I feel like I need to also spread it and keep passing it along.  The video is in Japanese and you can click the link, scroll down and read the translation. The title of this post says it all and if you haven't watched this touching scene, then please do so now by clicking here.

Or watch it here now without the translation.

Now can anyone honestly tell me One Life is not worth saving? Look how loyal and caring, protective and loving this dog is for the other- we don't know if they knew each other before the earthquake and tsunami yet we are putting them down in shelters every day. There is something very RIGHT in this video and something terribly wrong in our society.

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  1. There is no friend like a dog. Thanks for posting this, Scully