Thursday, June 2, 2011

Foster Homes For Pets Of Military Personnel

Where do the pets go when their military humans get deployed?

In the early days of the War On Terror, military personnel had to leave their homes, their non-military lives so quickly, sometimes in 48 hrs, many had to put their pets to sleep because family members couldn't take care of them or they couldn't get their dogs or cats to a shelter in time. 

It was tragic.

I remember those horror stories of grieving soldiers going off to war, mourning their beloved pets and then going to a foreign land to kill or be killed. I am not speaking out on war one way or the other.

My purpose for this blog entry is to make people aware of at least one group I know of that can help find foster care for military personnel being called to active duty.

I stumbled upon them by accident, actually.

Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet is on Facebook. Just click on their name and you'll get there.  

I snatched some almost verbatim wording from their About Us page on Facebook- They are an all volunteer 501(c)(3) public charity that supports military service members, veterans, and their beloved pets through programs aimed at reuniting pet(s) and owner(s) following deployment or an emergency hardship. 

They work to establish a network of foster families providing a loving and healthy home environment for the pet(s) until they can be reunited with their owner throughout the United States, among so many other things.

They also established and maintain the first Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet "Military, Veterans, and Pet" (MVP) Sanctuary in Texas to further ensure there is a caring, loving, and safe home-like environment for these pets when individual foster homes are not available.

If you are in the military or know of someone in the military who is need of assistance with petcare while they are deployed, please share this info. 
It could save more than one life- human and animal.

P.S. Scully says "Sweet dreams to one and all."  ^..^     ,



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