Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pulling One Over On Scully Boy- Kind Of...

So, it's been established that Scully likes to bark at birds and squirrels, chasing them as far away as possible.

He patrols the yard from one side to the other, making sure no winged creature- high-flying planes included, lands in the yard...

or on the the roof.

He also patrols to make sure no squirrel tries to come in and take over his territory.

I wrote about one such squirrel a few posts ago.

Scully chased him along the top of the fence and almost ran into the street.

Well, I think the "he" squirrel is a "she" squirrel. A "mama" squirrel to be precise.

Driving me close to insanity with his barking to go outside, I grabbed my breakfast and took Scully downstairs to sit in the sun.

After making his rounds, Scully "assumed" his "sunning position" in front of the landlady's garage door.
Once again his eyelids became slits as he went into his alpha sleep.

It was a peaceful time. There was a cool breeze blowing and birds singing. I enjoyed my food and the calmness I felt.

As I placed my bowl of gluey oatmeal on the step, my eye caught movement under the car.

A fierce-looking, brown squirrel came to the edge of the bumper with a little animal in its mouth. It looked at me and then at the slumbering watch-dog. We stared at each other and it looked like the little creature in its mouth was dead..legs spread apart, almost stiff. It had a white tummy and was light gray. I realized it was a Mama Squirrel (caps are now appropriate because I have named her as such) and it appeared she was moving her baby, who was playing 'possum. She was breathing heavily, the little burden in her mouth weighing her down, she looked at me unflinchingly. I looked at her and then motioned to napping Scully, who had no clue his greatest dream could have come true at that very second- to be up close and personal...face-to-face with a squirrel! I looked at her as if to say "he could wake up at any moment." She looked at me and turned away. As she turned, I saw her baby kick its little foot though it tried so hard not to draw attention to itself.

After she scampered away with child in mouth, I carefully went to Scully and gently picked him up. He wasn't ready to go in yet but was so obedient, not understanding "why?"

I gave Mama Squirrel an hour to see that we were gone, though I never saw her cross the driveway.

I did see a familiar gray squirrel run along the top of the fence later on in the day and I've wondered if Mama Squirrel ever moved her babies to safety.

No worries, though because Our Fearless Hero, Scully spent quite a bit of time outside for most of the day.

He's fast asleep on his comfy bed now...resting his head on his pillow and dreaming of the squirrel that got away...

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