Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Very Scully Day

I have to say, Scully had a very good day.

A really, really good day.

He started off by sunning himself in the cool morning hours around 7a.m. Shared some eggs and a few bits of my sprouted grain bagel and decided to drag Mama outside in the sun again.

I didn't mind the beautiful morning though Dovi wanted nothing to do with it. He went inside and our Scully and I continued relaxing. The birds were singing and there was a slight breeze. It was so peaceful....

Scully's eyes became slits and he started nodding off into "doggie dreamland" when all of a sudden he jumped up, twisted his little body around and headed straight for a squirrel!

This dog can bark...loudly.

The terrified squirrel jumped on the fence and ran for his life...unfortunately he ran along the top of the fence...and down the driveway toward the street, our boy Scully in fast pursuit!
I headed him off half-way down the driveway- BARELY and he stopped short. Luckily, I unintentionally scared the squirrel back the way he came and Scully headed back after him.

Hairs standing straight up along his spine and all the ferocity he could muster, he did a job well done and we have been squirrel free all day.

Then he had a nap.

Later on this afternoon we had some bonding time and, as you can see by the photos, he got lucky and got a donut hole, which he promptly buried in the towel, dug it up and grabbed the whole thing in his mouth as if to say, " What? I don't have anything in my mouth..nothin'...I don't see anything in my mouth, do you?"

Check out the photo. LOL He's pretty nonchalant about the donut, careful not to draw attention to himself...Tricky Dog...

He had it in his mouth so long, he started to drool! He finally had to let it drop so he could swallow.
Acquiesing, he ate the donut.

Then we went for a ride and a good walk.

He is now fast asleep on his bed. Out like a light!!

Dovi is out on a walk right now so everybody got exercise today! LOL and I did NOT get donuts. I went for a bottle of water and everybody LOVES Scully gets the treats! ^..^ '

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