Monday, February 7, 2011

Barking Dogs Are Great Communicators!

I love to talk.

Those of you who know me personally know this is an UNDERSTATEMENT! LOL

I love to visit with friends and chat.

We laugh, share a meal or a snack and just talk about the news, world events, recipes...all the usual topics.

Dogs, I've noticed are a bit different. They don't waste words or " barks."

However, Scully and Dovi do enjoy being more "verbal" with me these days.

Scully barks at planes, as I've mentioned in an earlier post, and he barks and barks until the airplane is out of sight. He also scratches the ground and mumbles, as if to say "and don't come back!"

He also barks to "call me" and tell me something- usually "Mom, cover me with my blankie" or "Mama, I would like you to move my bed to the Living Room so I can be in the sunshine now" or "Mama, please move my bed back to the bedroom because it's time to go to sleep now." 

Simple communication but very effective.

I've come to understand now why sometimes Scully and Dovi bark in the car when there are no other humans around. 

Most humans think dogs bark just for the sake of barking but they really don't. For a dog to bark, they really want to tell us something important. Dogs need to be able to bark (as Scully is doing right now as I write this post).

As for Scully and Dovi, they get aggravated and start barking at stoplights. They just don't want to wait at the red light until it turns green so they bark at it and bark at it and actually become quite perturbed. I've got to get a camera to capture the indignant look on Dovi's face, as if to say "How DARE they make me stop and wait to go home!"

As soon as the car begins moving, they settle right down quietly and enjoy the ride until we stop at the next red light. The day I realized the barking wasn't random made me realize they are even smarter than I believed. I always believed animals are much more intelligent than we think but to discover that unlocked a whole new world of understanding them better.

They really DO tolerate us!

Take care until next time and see what your dog is trying to say when he or she is barking! I guarantee it's something interesting and important to them.
As for me, my Scully Boy is telling me he would like me to pet him and cover him so he can have a nice nap.

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