Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charity's Law

I never thought the day would arrive that I would be sending out a plea for something like this.

A plea to make Bestiality illegal in this, the United States of America.

And the World.

But here in the States, I naively thought it was ALREADY illegal in every state.

It is NOT.

Only 31 states have laws protecting animals from bestiality.

Only 31!

These innocent beautiful puppies in the photo were bred by a man intending to fight them and/or sell them to dogfighters but the reason for their surrender was that he caught his 13 year old son committing sexual acts on them. The shelter was going to euthanize the dogs, however, a rescue group stepped in to try to save them. They were named Charity, Hope and Faith.

These Pit Bull puppies only a few months old were surrendered to a North Carolina animal shelter injured and in pain with the man who dropped them off stating "the big dogs down the road got to them". Through other information collected by members of the rescue community, a witness too afraid to come forward and a vet assessment the unthinkable would be discovered about what really happened to these puppies.

This Petition aims to bring justice to Charity who did not survive her injury by this perverted boy and although Hope and Faith have a long road ahead with many surgeries to correct the damage Charity's death cannot be in vain without any justice. The boy not only sexually molested them but foreign objects were found inside when trying to repair the damage. This is why we are asking everyone to sign this Petition asking all states without adequate protection for animals from acts like this to create Charity's Law making acts of bestiality illegal and a felony. Technically the act of bestiality could be construed to fall under some animal cruelty statutes as is but there should be uniform and stringent laws that address bestiality directly so ambiguity about this act does not exist and the proper vehicle is provided within the law for prosecution of an individual engaging in this cruel and perverted practice. While the teenage boy in Charity's case may have eluded the law ensuring there are laws ready and able to prosecute any individuals in the future engaging in this activity will help further protect the innocent animals of our society.

States with laws providing a misdemeanor punishment for the crime are:

Arkansas, California, Iowa, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin

States with laws providing a felony punishment for the crime are:

Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

States without any laws regarding bestiality (note some of these states may have statutes about bestiality that only address crimes against a minor):

Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Vermont, Colorado, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Wyoming, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Kansas, Nevada, West Virginia,

Only 17 states make this crime a felony. There are no federal laws specifically prohibiting bestiality although the subject is covered in relation to books and pornographic materials as well as in the arena of exploitation of minor children but there is no universal law or consistency amongst the U.S. states making bestiality the crime it should be.

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