Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Help For Idle And His Companions

I received this e-mail today and am sending out a plea that you take action and pass this along.

I am asking that you take the simple action of clicking here and signing the Wall to bring Idle and his companions home, where they belong!

A pop-up will appear for the International SPCA. You can fill it out or close but please sign Idle's Wall, which is at the bottom of the article.
Thank you. Time is of the essence. They need the signatures by next week.

This is the email I received today:
Dear Jenny,

Your help is desperately needed.  Idle (shown here in the cage he now lives in) is a very special contracted working dog stranded in Iraq. This honorable canine served in Iraq as a contractor for the U.S. military and other Coalition Forces. He risked his life day in and day out by sniffing for landmines as well as car bombs at check points and on U.S. military bases.

Please sign the wall of support for bringing Idle to the United States! »

Since his career ended, Idle has lived in a kennel in Iraq with little human contact except from the people paid to give him food, water and short walks.
When SPCA International heard about Idle's horrible situation and the plight of his six friends and kennel mates, they were heartbroken. Their team went to visit the kennel immediately and made a commitment to rescue these dogs and give them the retirement they deserve with a loving family in the U.S. Next week, SPCA International will return to Iraq, ready to fly Idle and his fellow retired friends to safe, caring, forever homes, but they need your help.
To ensure safe passage for Idle and his six friends, SPCA International is building a list support for Idle's safe and speedy rescue. Some in Iraq might see Idle as a commodity, rather than a deprived friend and wartime hero, and they may try to stop him from gaining freedom. 
By signing the "Wall of Support" for Idle, you will arm SPCA International with the grassroots support they need to ensure Idle's freedom and safe passage.
Thank you for helping a military hero!

Care2 Campaign Team

Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AgcN8/zK29/x8x.

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