Thursday, September 9, 2010

Naptime and Late Summer Mornings

Though it's been busy for their mama, Scully and Dovi have been enjoying leisurely mornings and afternoon naps in the sun.

I've learned many things from Scully and Dovi and even, Whiskers...enjoying the "moment" and not worrying about later...the importance of routines...take time to play...and always greet with warmth and never say "goodbye" without including "I love you."

We began a new routine a few weeks ago that's brought us all more enjoyment and peace.

When we first go out in the morning for a bathroom trip, I sit on the stoop (the landing or top step) and listen to birds. The dogs also relax and we all enjoy the quiet of the early morning and deeply inhale the fresh, morning air. We stay for about 10-15 minutes and begin the day with clear minds and wagging tails.

The days I didn't take the time to do this were, to say the least, out of control. I didn't enjoy those days as well as I would have had I taken the time to be with them in the morning. Though we still went for evening trips to the park, running free in the grass to play "Catch me if you can"...they enjoyed themselves heartily, I know in my heart they are sad the mornings we break from our routine.

Remember your dog loves you and misses you. You are busy all day with errands, school work, work, cooking, cleaning, PTA, whatever it might be...but all your dog You.

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