Friday, September 17, 2010

Colder Weather, Longer Naps and Stiff Joints

The nights are so much cooler now, in the 50's...

Scully and Dovi are certainly enjoying sleeping through the night and sleeping in a tad longer these days.

Our Scully Boy has had a sheet and t-shirt covering him at night...he sleeps like a rock. Otherwise, he gets chilly and curls up- not good for a doggie who has had back problems. He's stretched out as I write this.

Dovi, who is usually hot, actually let me cover him with a towel a few nights ago and buried his head under it when I checked on him during the night.

It's a sign.

Dogs curled up under favorite "blankies" means cold weather and a long winter's nap.


Neither Scully or Dovi has shown signs of stiffness yet but like me, are getting up a little more slowly and stretching out a little longer

It's time for me to re-order the Arthro-Aid for them. It takes a good two months to "kick in," I think so by Thanksgiving, they should be in good shape.

I remember a beautiful dog we used to see in the park. Her name was Nellie and she was so sweet. She had arthritis and limped her way across the field every morning. She used to come straight to me, gently wagging her tail.

I used to spend time with her and gently rubbed her haunches and back and shoulders. I know stiff joints work better with a little "warm up" and sure enough, she got up and walked home a little quicker and with a little more "spring" in her step.

Sadly, Nellie is no longer with us. I will remember her sweet and gentle smile and spirit always. She taught me to trust my instincts....because she did. She trusted me and always knew she would find love whenever she was with me...and a gentle massage that made her feel better.

So Dear Reader...if your dog is moving more slowly in the morning...I know it's time-consuming but please do gently rub him/her to warm up his/her muscles...he'll/she'll feel better, move faster and you'll be able to get out the door to school or work with ease...'ll bond with him/her and spend moments that ould otherwise be lost forever.

Isn't your dog worth it?

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  1. Great information. Our standard Rat Terrier had a back injury last year which paralyzed him completely for several months. The Vet said he would not walk again. We worked with him and his determination and he is getting around really good. But he is still when he gets up after laying for a while.

    I am your newest follower and have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award.

    I would love for you to stop by and pick it up when you can.

    Have a great Monday.


  2. Aw. I lost my 13 year old sheltie two years ago. Now we have Golden. She is much better with the kiddos! Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)