Sunday, September 12, 2010

Running Like Puppies!

Scully, Dovi and I went for our evening visit to the park. There is an enclosed area where I let them off the lead and they go off and do their own "thing." Scully usually goes one way and checks out his favorite spots...Dovi generally goes the opposite way...eventually metting together for a game of "Chase."

I've been thinking a great deal about my last post and wondering what's exactly in every can of the leading dog foods and as I watched them run, I was amazed- again.

They're both seniors.

Scully, as you may remember, was between 9 months and 3 years when I brought him home from the animal shelter. The vet really wasn't sure because he was so emaciated and hadn't grown the way he should have. So Scully could be anywhere from 11 to 14 yrs old. He ran and ran and ran like a puppy..bouncing, jumping and going after his long-legged brother...

Dovi was about 3 months olf when he came home in November of 2000. He ran and ran and ran, a puppy.

To see them, you wouldn't have any idea they are as old as they are...with no illnesses. Dovi had two bouts of Lyme Disease so he doesn't quite have the stamina Scully does but after he catches his breath, he just keeps going and going.

I've always had them on high-quality food. I always felt prevention was worth a pound of cure and I truly believe their diet is what's kept them both "young." Paying a little bit more for dog food every month has paid off because neither one of them has expensive vet bills or arthritis meds or allergy meds, etc.

I reflected back to what a different vet told me when Scully had hurt his back- Dovi rammed him and Scully had some discs that were compressed..the vet told me to put him to sleep or pay for a three thousand dollar sugery that he might not recover from. This poor dog went through so much pain, meds...the steroids were horrible and it broke me heart...I changed his bed...put him on an egg crate mattress and within hours he stopped crying and within a few days was walking on his own and a week later he was running.

I see dogs much younger than they are- half their age who can barely walk because they have bad arthritis or are overweight. It's not necessary. They don't need to be suffering...
That was 5 years ago. And it happened twice. So...

Good food and common sense remedies have worked. We only go to the vet when they need their shots. Period.

Change your dog's food- or cat's...and you'll see an improvement. Like us, they should stay away from preservatives, too.

You've invested so much already and they love you and count on you for their well-being.

Maybe Scully and Dovi will play chase with your dog some time soon. They're pretty good sports.

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  1. Amen sister! This is good advice for all dog owners. -Ava Loy, and her dog Maggie