Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest Dog Treat

After a nice afternoon at my friendly, neighborhood laundromat- Superwash** on Metacom Ave. in Warren, I was too tired to think about preparing "real food...."

Having a cheese and tomato sandwich, I wanted something else to go along with it. I remembered I had a few flour tortillas in the fridge and a wave of inspiration flooded over me- I tore the tortilla in pieces and brushed them with olive oil, toasting them in the toaster oven, making my own flour "chips"...perfect for scooping up hummus...perfect for a little tan dog who loves olive oil...

Scully came and grabbed each piece in his mouth, turned tail and took off with his treasure to promptly devour each one on the living room rug.

That's my boy!

Time after time, he repeated the same routine...with the same amount of happy anticipation- This was better than dog biscuits! Fresh and still warm, out of the oven, these "chips" didn't hurt the roof of his mouth and they were "just right" for doggies, leaving no crumbs behind.

Even Picky Dovi enjoyed his tortilla chips in little, tiny at a time.

Tails were wagging, doggie teeth were bared into smiles and it was like Christmas for these two happy pups.

Though we didn't have our walk or run in the park today, we did go for a good ride in the car, eat lots of fresh tortilla chips, chase birds out in the yard... and with lots of love and snuggles, we had a pretty good day.
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