Monday, May 18, 2009

Did I hear the sounds of FOOD in the kitchen?

It's been damp and rainy here the last few know, the kind of chill that gets in your bones. Well, our boy, Scully was on his bed, under his blanket ( an old sweater of mine...) He just loves to nap on gray days...nothing gets him out of his bed...nothing....except for the sounds of Food from the kitchen. :)

Sounds of food?? You know, aluminum foil being unwrapped...plastic wrap..the fridge door opening and closing...footsteps going back and forth from the stove to the fridge, pantry, etc...

Okay, so BOTH dogs came running and I managed to get this shot of our boys...Scully got out of his bed so fast when he heard Dovi's footsteps, that he dragged his blanket with him! It's still on his back and I hadda get that photo- just too cute...and I took it three times because everytime I got his attention for the photo, he'd glance and then go back to what was going on in the pantry! :::sighing::: There are so many deep stories to write many wonderful things too...but for those of you who are dog people, you'll appreciate this...

By the way, they were running to the pantry for capellini and sauce and a little piece of sandwich steak. Not too shabby.....! ~Jenny, Scully and Dovi

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