Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scully does not like rainy days!

Well, it was pouring this morning...Nice weather for ducks and flowers but not for sleepy puppies! I called Scully, who was under his green blankie (YES, it's a blankie!! LOL) He was in a state of bliss...as you can see by his little tongue sticking out! (look closely, it's there, I swear!!)
Anyway, when he and his little brother, Dovi (another rescue)heard the familiar sound of their raincoats, they quietly tried to slip away...But Mama prevailed and off we went outside. I tried to get a photo of both of them in their raincoats but it didn't work....so I've got our boy, Scully, begging to go in while his bro was busy doing his business. :::sighing::: He HATES to get his toes wet so he tries to tiptoe over the puddles and if they're too deep, he tries to jump over them...too cute!
As I write this, he is back under his blankie...after sneaking over to the cat's dish and polishing off all the food....Scully's bowl, however is FULL! Why eat Dog food when the cat food is right there? It's clearing up now...so this puppy will be very, very pleased!


  1. Hee....Scully said to say Thank You. He smiled, too! ;)

  2. Love the rain jacket...he is too cute!!