Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Requests for Cleanse for Dogs and Cats

Scully and I would like to thank all of you who've requested what cleanse I use to help Scully. This stuff is de-toxifies the body of free radicals and other bad junk, helps the immune system and so much more. I invite you to read about it and try it for yourselves. I make no health claims..just my experiences with Scully on this...It got rid of his candida...which covered his body in stinky, black fungus and he lost all his hair...He's playful and energetic and you'd never know he's between 10 and 13 years old! As I've written, my vet is stunned at Scully's vigor and told me he is surprised Scully has lasted this on...
I can take you directly to the cleanse in a few steps...I've done this before!

Click here:

Then scroll down and click on Supplements. Then scroll down and click Next. It's on the second page. It's called eNZYmes Pro + . I buy the 225 gram. Its around $25.00 and lasts me over a year.

It's in powder form. At first, I hid it in Scully's dry food. I would pour a homemade broth over it...made from beef stock with sauteed garlic, onion, a little tomato and sometimes red pepper.. I place his dry kibble first...then sprinkle the enzymes over it...then add the broth...sometimes in some mashed sweet potato...He still eats it mixed with something healthy......This stuff completely cleared up his candida, too. Read about it and you'll be amazed. I swear by it 100%..and the Master Herbalist, Elliot Harvey has worked with me regarding Scully several times and always answers my email...I also buy the grain and potato free Bison food when my wallet allows...the treats are exceptional...I did stop giving Scully treats from pet stores, too...there are so many when you can make the switch...ANY little bit helps...

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