Saturday, May 23, 2009

Save a Sato....What's a Sato?

A wonderful thing happened to me yesterday morning...You see, I had a wonderful website for several years and amassed a great deal of information regarding internet-business building and pages of animal welfare organizations, tips, foods, etc. Due to some unforeseen interruptions in my personal life, I let that website go.

I'm now re-structuring and re-building the website and I remember many of the wonderful organizations I was linking to. One of them is Save a Sato. I will be featuring them on the new website, actually, in the near future. But I'm including them in this morning's blog because of a little dog I met in the park yesterday morning named Lucy.

After bringing Scully and Dovi home from their walk in the park, a close friend and I "drove through" my favorite Sip n Dip Donuts here in Warren, RI and we went back to the park, opened up the canvas chairs by the water and enjoyed a yummy breakfast.

While enjoying the sun, a gorgeous little peach and white dog came sniffing up between us...Her human, following along behind her. He is a wonderful, kind gentleman who introduced us to Lucy. Lucy was dropped off on his doorstep in a box in Puerto Rico. Apparently, all her brothers and sisters were dropped off that way after her mother gave birth to them. The people just put these puppies in boxes and left them on random doorsteps. Not a good idea for the pups...or a safe one. You see, animals aren't treated well by the majority of people in Puerto Rico...Perhaps you recall about a year or so ago when an apartment complex told the tenenats they couldn't have pets anymore...? The owners of the complex sent people in to remove the animals..instead of taking these family pets to animals shelters...they were brutally thrown off a bridge- ALIVE....over 70 or 80 of them...thrown alive...terrified and flying through the air to their deaths...landning on the ones who'd gone before them...I think a few survived...the lucky ones. People were outraged, horrified...and I even signed some letters and petitions...There were family pets...Some are run over..Strays are poisoned..starved, left to die....Satos are the street dogs....

Save A Sato does its best to rescue as many of these beautiful, loving trusting animals..Cats included...they see they get proper vet care, baths and TLC...some are even sent here for adoption. Please visit the link here: Read about this wonderful group, look at the Before and After photos and contribute something if you can- even $5 or $10 dollars. They accept payments through PayPal. Paypal is a secure online payment system...that protects your information. It is owned by eBay and I've had an account with them for 5 years and have never had a problem with them. It's safe and secure. If you don't have a PayPal account, you may join by clicking on HERE. After you sign up for PayPal, you can go back to Save A Sato and donate. You'll see the box on the right side of the homepage.

Muchas gracias de parte de Los Lucy...y de Scully, Dovi y Yo

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  1. Thank you for posting about Save a Sato! We appreciate your support!

    Tracey Goodwin
    Save a Sato Outreach and PR