Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scully is relaxing today but Dovi...

Okay, so since it's been rainy and damp all week, our boy, Scully has just been relaxing...playing occasionally...and enjoying a few bites of an egg and cheese sandwich from Sip n Dip Donuts here in town...and a piece of coffee roll. ;) My concern right now is Dovi. I pulled a tick from under his arm 2 days ago...yes, he gets K9 Advantix but these ticks are immortal, I swear! Anyway, when I pulled the tick off with tweezers, some junk came out of the tick but Dovi wasn't even red at the site of the bite...Well, now he has a lump under his arm and it's a little I'm going to put warm compresses on it to try and draw out the infection...give him a baby aspirin (which he HATES) and then put some antibiotic cream...I'll keep y'all posted!

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