Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do Animals See Ghosts? Hmm.......

As I'm sitting here at the computer, I'm watching re-runs of Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel and I decided to share one of several photos I have of the dogs watching an Orb...or an Orb watching the dogs. Now, I know Jay and Grant on Ghost Hunters don't buy into Orbs as something significant but I do because I've witnessed the dogs following things I couldn't see but would have goosebumps or creepy feelings, take a picture and something would come out...I did capture a figure in another here is a photo taken a few days before Christmas 2004...I was on the floor with the dogs when they both started watching something and following it with their eyes....I felt a distinct rush of cold air on my back and the goosebumps so I grabbed the camera- which really was nearby, as I'd been taking christmas photos...and this is what the camera captured...if you look in the upper left quadrant of the photo...not exactly top left but a little lower on the door frame, you'll see an orb in very fast motion and the dogs looking right at it...and there was an excessive amount of light from the flash- too much, actually...Tell me what you think!

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