Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a pup at heart!


As you can see, I interrupted our boy who was enjoying the sun back in December. He loves the sun any time of day...he just loves to stretch out and nap. But don't let his relaxed demeanor fool you...No, No..this royal dog of the Mayan Kings loves to play "catch the food"...okay, he's not chasing squirrels...He comes right to me and turns his back to me...as if to say "Here I am and I'm making a point!" So I stop what I'm doing and he looks at me and barks....we go to the food bowl and he barks and stares at it...So I toss a kibble acroos the kitchen floor and he chases after it...usually catching it. Sometimes he slides across the floor but he always gets it...Sometimes we'll go through a whole bowl of food that way...but it keeps him from being bored...we bond and he gets to use his "wolf" instincts. Most people can't believe he's over 10 years old because he jumps around like a puppy...I have to say I've done my best to get him the best food I could afford...And the best I've found is made by Doctor's Finest. Just click on the banner above Scully's photo and you'll be taken to the site. They have some incredible products that help with a myriad of ailments..including cancer, arthrits...I swear by these products and Elliott Harvey, Master Herbalist. Scully and I highly recommend them....and we''ll talk more about them in later posts. For now, always remember to speak out when you can for those who can't speak for themselves...
Ciao, Jenny and Scully ^..^ '


  1. great picture! i think your camara takes great pictures!!

  2. Thanks....:) I think I got lucky with THAT one! LOL